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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    So the religion of peace has striked once again, this time in Nice, France. While it is too soon to talk about this tragedy, I have already seen some antitheists on Twitter bashing people using the #PrayForNice hashtag. I’m not huge into my faith. I don’t go to church because I’m considered a heretic for being gay. I don’t believe prayer will ever bring about a supernatural miracle, no matter how much one tires, but I don’t think that prayer is useless.

    Atheist: someone who doesn’t believe in God or the divine.
    Antitheist (anti-theist): An idiotic atheist who doesn’t get the irony & contradiction behind pushing their faith system onto others like a Jehovah Witness.

    It’s a common misconception about prayer is that it’s solely for requesting divine intervention, a misconception that plagues even its practitioners. It’s human to want all your problems magically fixed and many people do only pray when things go wrong. It’s a thing most priests give sermons about, telling people to pray when things are going well, to give thanks for the good times. Other things people often pray for is for guidance, to try & figure out the best way to deal with a problem. People also pray for virtues. Patience, tolerance, wisdom, fortitude, kindness, empathy, & courage; all are what Christians should ideally be praying for, the virtues & graces needed to get into Heaven.

    Also, the prayers themselves are filled with core Christian values that are the fundamental blocks of Christianity. They’re made to invoke humility & to remind Christians that their actions in life are going to be judged. Heaven is not something we escape life to, it’s something we have to earn though our actions in this life. A lot of Christians turn to prayer when someone they love is having health problems. They prayer they’ll be all right, but the prayer also readies them for the fact they may lose that love one. It gives them comfort & solace that they believe they’re going to a better place (given that they’re in a state of grace).

    Another part of prayer is the unity it brings. Prayer with others is kind of a bonding ritual. Also, in a world where people can hate you for just being who you are, what you are, or living where you live; a lot of people find it comforting that people will pray for you, even though they know next to nothing about you except that you just lost someone dear to you. Prayer bonds us together on a spiritual level that Atheists view as insignificant. They see prayer as close to doing next to nothing as possible & I find it rather sick. I would hope mediating on the misfortune of others, that praying for their happiness would bring out the good in people. You can think about such a tragedy for 15 minuets & not think about what you can do to help. For some, they’ll be inspired to donate, other less financially well off will find other ways to help straighten their community, their families, or at least their friends. Prayer hopefully inspires people to be the change they want to see in the world. After a tragedy like this, many people rush to push their political agendas. What better time to take some time to pray, to digest the problem at hand, to pray for guidance, & to take the time to consider ones options instead of reflexively reacting to it.

    I know (Christian) prayer doesn’t have a monopoly on any of these virtues. There are plenty of non-thesis & atheist who are exemplars of these virtues, but that doesn’t dismiss the fact prayer does help some people. People who do seek to be selfless, who do seek to help the meek & poor like Christians are supposed to, they do exist & prayer helps inspire them, helps guide them. We are what we repeatedly do, so Christians who do take the time to pray have done something. They’ve at the very least, changed themselves though their prayer & that one little change is enough to change the entire world.

    I just find it really disgusting that an atheist would see SJWs & other ideologues try to hijack this tragedy & use it to further their political agendas & the atheist would be outraged, but then they would turn around & do the exact same thing. Anti-theists really don’t get how awful human beings they are. Their cuck levels are as high as Onision, who did the exact same thing when the #PrayForChristina hashtag was going around for the 22 year old musician, Christina Grimmie, who died. You don’t want to be so self obsessed, so proud, so arrogant like Onision that you can justify saying that prayers, that people’s heartfelt hope & wishes, their only resort to help people who are going thought such tragedy, is meaningless, because it’s not. Even if you don’t believe in prayer, knowing that people are doing it for you doesn’t hurt. It can very well be the only slight comfort you can have in such a state of upheaval & sadness.

    I tried to be very fair & objective when writing this (I know I failed miserably cause this is something no one can be objective about) but I hoped I demonstrated clearly why prayer is important to us theists out there & I hope maybe you’ll rethink before posting or writing something bashing prayer, especially if you’ve never tried it or only done it with selfish reasons in your heart. Take care & no matter what you believe about religion, try to spread goodness & love out there.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady


    Though an atheist, I do severely believe that all forms of religion should not exist; at all. Though I consider the phrase “I will pray for X” as a synonym of “I am deeply concerned by X”, I do believe that the mere action of prayer is something equivalent to weakness. It binds people to the supernatural, and carries them away from sober and clear thought into one of desperation and “giving up”. It instills false hope to people, and it can stir away time from people finding a reasonable, rational way to help. It may unite people and inspire them, but it won’t lead to a good end. Like Shinra said, it could inspire people to be good and spread their happiness; but people should be able to do that without the need of prayer. In my view, prayer is holding tight onto an impossible reality, blinding them from the possible choices that could get them closer to a happier life.

    Same thing with religion, and all religions which I, in my personal opinion believe should be wiped off the Earth. I apologize for the harsh words, and I do not intend to offend anyone (and hope I don’t); but objectively, religion is a cancer to the world. It segregates the world populace because of beliefs, it doesn’t allow scientific advancement nor experimentation for fear of the world not being in line with their stated beliefs, it grips on human fear of the unknown and forces them to bow down to a close-minded system of beliefs, it has caused several historical conflicts which even to this day have not been solved, it implements the worst possible judgement systems ever thought, but worst of all: it forces men to do abominations in the names of idols. Religions may contribute some good to only but a few people, but when compared to the damages it has caused; it’s not worth maintaining religion in the world. Even those of “love and peace” as christianity support and propose a system that segregates, dehumanizes and dictates that all non-believers must be tortured eternally simply because of beliefs.

    I’ve been very critical of religion for most of my life, I highly and strongly believe it is one of the most dangerous poisons man has concocted in its years of ignorance and violence; but does it bother me that others don’t think alike? Of course not. We are humans after all, it is in our nature to chase the impossible and hold onto fantasies. I cannot blame people for believing in Yawheh, Allah, Horus, Zeus, Ganesh, Odin, Quetzalcoatl, Belobog, Aganjú, Shen, Apocatequil, Set, Hades, Shiva, Fenrir, Tlaloc, Anubis, Helios, Olokun, Fujin, Pacha Kamaq, Ibeji, Izanagi, Cihuacoatl and the rest of gods mankind has created. On the contrary, I find it very polite for people to hope for goodness and peace, in their own ways.

    I guess that the best way to sum up what I’m trying to say is that prayer could be a necessary evil. Something negative that people need right now, but must let go in the end; like our childhood fantasies. Santa Claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, the monster behind the closet and the sandman. As children, these figures guided us to behave well, act nice to others and be alert; but people grow up and eventually, we must let go of fantasies. We must learn to be nice out of heart and solidarity, not for fear of higher beings or eternal punishment.

    "The universe is one big joke, and the joke is on us"


    The words I might write here may seem a bit on the short side. I’ve been told that I don’t say that much, adding on to that my english sometimes looks really clumsy.

    But for the most I can see how both sides of this topic has it’s fair reasons.
    Praying in itself can be a selfless act for someone who they love, or for something good to finally happen in a storm of bad happenings in their own life. They find hope and comfort in these quiet moments, and may even feel stronger praying together with a close group.
    But some may find it difficult to find that comfort, since their experiences with religion itself has only given them misfourtune and the feeling of not belonging.

    The human species thrives of being a part of a community. But if they are exploited, used and manipulated by those of authority, wouldn’t that give someone a reason not to trust its foundation?
    When my grandmother died when I was young, my father chose to comfort me with the thought of her becoming an Angel. But he also often times expressed his experiences with Christianity growing up, which in his words always bottled down to this:

    “Controlling,encouraged hive-minded thoughts, and corruptness.
    In the hands of someone manipulative, religion becomes a tool for someone who wants to total control of those who can’t fight back. But in the hands of someone who wants to do good, good may come from it from those who truly wants to do selfless deeds”

    In my own opinion, people should be aloud to belivie what they want to belivie, as long as they don’t bring harm onto someone else. Even if it’s a god, or nothing at all. 🙂

    (Feel free to correct me if something I said may seem a bit ludacris.)

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