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    I was playing through the Mass Effect Trilogy again for the Nth time when something dawned on me. It happened when I was playing through Mass Effect 2, and I/Shepard was talking with Miranda in her quarters about what it means to be human and how she’s a designer baby and the only real thing that she owns are her failures and mistakes because she was designed to be perfect.

    My Snark Sense immediately wanted to fire out “Well if that’s how you feel, just give Dark Souls a go, I’m sure you’ll change your standing after the Taurus Demon. If you make it that far.”

    And then it hit me: does Dark Souls and Souls-like games exist in the universe of Mass Effect?

    It’s a bit of a stretch and it doesn’t add or detract anything, DS and Souls-like games are super niche in the realm of RPG so I’m leaning heavy on the side of ‘no it didn’t happen’. Granted, Dark 1 came out in 2011 – a year after ME2 — but Dark Souls’ spiritual precursor Demon’s Souls launched in 2009 and was touted as one of the most difficult and intricate games of all time. While DeS isn’t as hard as Dark — nor as persnickety with its lore — Demon’s Souls is still a ball buster with its early Souls-formula leveling system and control scheme that saw refinement between it and the most recent Souls-like game Bloodborne.

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