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    Apparently, there’s a Youtuber who’s been making the big leagues for quite a few months now with one of his videos even uploaded by IGN themselves. Who is this new phenomenon? Is he really good or just all talk but no game?

    Put your hands up for KAPTAINKRISTIAN!!!!!


    All right, I’ll stop joking but seriously, this is a Youtuber who’s been making a lot of meaningful content and with 14 videos uploaded so far, he has become one of the most instantly watched channels on Youtube. For those unaware, kaptainkristian is a guy who analyzes film, anime, music and comics by exploring the importance each legendary or important piece of fiction brings to the medium. From the importance of Watchmen’s influence to comics to Jurassic Park’s groundbreaking visuals to the surreal depth of FLCL, kaptainkristian truly took the Internet by storm and like I said, one of his analysis videos regarding Spider-Man was even uploaded by IGN of all places (the irony I know). I watched his stuff and I gotta say, he is really good at his videos when it comes to bringing points about their influences to the entertainment industry we all know today and how much we can learn from the past to better improve the art & craft into making what we love.

    Let me know in the comments below if his content was worth your while but in the meantime, go check his stuff out cause it is really informative stuff:

    "The world is merciless and it's also very beautiful."

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