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    I just found out about this game (apparently this was being made since 2014), but from I have read thus far, it is a psychological horror rpg that seems to be inspired by elements of Earthbound, where you play as a boy who goes between one world and a more pleasant one (but hides certain secrets), while going through his own memories.
    I personally find this interesting. The premise seems artst but appears to be utilized as a game rather than in a “cinematic experience” esque fashion. I also like the simple 2D style, but most of all I dig the style of the hand drawn cutscenes.
    I am kind of getting a classic Tim Burton vibe from this trailer (it doesn’t use his art style but still)
    Considering that alot of the more “artsy” independent game devs tend to make interactive hallway “games” that spoon feed their narrative and message in the most pretentious ways possible, this not only looks like a breath of fresh air compared to those but also creative. I think I am going to get this when it comes out.
    Any thoughts?

    Also, here is an older trailer for the game from back in 2014.



    I just noticed I put “RPG game” in the title even though RPG is the abbreviation for role-playing game.

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