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    So before I get to the main topic, I just wanted to say I hoping I’m not posting too many new threads. I personally limit myself to 1 a day. I hope the topics I post are interesting and I’m trying to find out when this forum likes and doesn’t like. Sorry if my topics tend to be about homosexuality a lot, I write what I know. I was going to post a thread about ecology and preservation of endangered species today, but you dodged that bullet (at least until tomorrow). Hopefully not all the topics are flops ^-^

    So today I read an interesting article about a gay guy who got uninvited to the GLAAD media awards due to his political beliefs and un-politically correct tweets.

    The article covers three things:
    1. Him being uninvited to GLAAD media awards
    2. How patronizing the media treats Jason Collins for coming out of the closet while being an athlete
    3. How the trope “gay man as magical elf” trope kind of sucks for gay men.

    The GLAAD media awards are an awards show for LGBT TV shows. The PC culture around GLAAD really shows how PC culture is no ally to any minority. If you constantly have to monitor what you say and write so that you don’t ever offend a community, you will find yourself mute. I would think the LGBT community would be completely against PC culture. Due to so many of us repressing our sexuality at some point in our lives, we tend to throw out the idea of needing to conform to societal norms to fit in. There also the whole censorship of LGBT themes in media. The Comics Code Authority keep LGBT themes out of comics for years. Now we have PC culture turning on the gays because we refuse to be good political correct progressives. I almost feel like left wing politics regarding gay marriage was just so they could stick it to the conservative Christians.

    Coming out is a difficult experience for some people. It has gotten a lot better now a days. Coming out for me went really well, with the only exception being my mother. Besides that, everyone was really nice to me. Most of my worrying was for not. The whole Jason Collins part of the article wasn’t very interesting. Media is treating coming out as a brave thing to do, but it seems society is quickly getting to the point where coming out as gay should just a thing that happens. The question now is, how long do we have to treat coming out like a civil rights triumph? Homophobia is quickly declining to the back ground radiation level of idiocy, so I guess I’ll probably see that within my life span, void anything bad happening to me ^-^

    The last part is what really interested me. The GLAAD awards seem to be awarding shows that only have positive portrayals of gay people. The “gay man as magical elf” trope is mainly a Mary Sue Gay character. The gay character has to just show positive traits or other stereotypical gay behavior as long as it is positive. There is nothing bad in and of itself, it just stereotypes gay men into some very selective roles. It keeps gay characters as very 2 dimensional characters and makes them uninteresting. Worst of all, it sets up an unrealistic paragon that gay guys can’t always live up to. I think the best thing about his trope analysis is that he never jumps the shark like other reviewers of tropes. He keeps it to the context that some people are affected on an emotional level and that the stories suffer due to these tropes.

    I really like this article. It’s quite long and kinda slow, but it handles trope analysis really well. It’s really refreshing to see someone talk about a trope, without using it as an excuse to push their narrative. I hope the LGBT themes get more people analyzing them and pointing out narrative problems with the current LGBT tropes in media… and hopefully this time it won’t lead to some ideologue authoritarian getting put on a pedal stool by the media.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady

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