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    Or as I like to call it: Racial Tension Riots: The Video Game

    I have several jokes.

    1) When can we expect a white person/caucasian character dlc that turns the “looting” prompts into “scavenging” ones?
    2) Don’t rob the weave store!
    3) Instigate a race riot for more points!
    4) Power-ups cause you to pull your hoody down!
    5) Are you going to control Kanye West at a news conference at any point?
    6) Does the Canadian version feature hockey win/loss riots?
    7) I imagine that police cruisers will be tipped over and lit on fire.
    8) My clan will be WarBoiz and our tag will be: FOR IMMORTAN JOE!
    9) My moral high-ground looks better amidst the ruins of small businesses I’ve destroyed.
    10) Somebody made a “liberalism” game!
    11) Hey! A sequel to State of Emergency!
    12) Okay, I get it, The Purge is a good movie.
    13) I guess Darryl died last season.
    14) This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when the developers of this game have a fetish with Suicide Squad, Sunset Overdrive, Bullet Run, Dirty Bomb, and Watch Dogs

    And FINALLY:
    15) The Troubles: American Edition


    It looks very meh-ish like the whole thing feels lifeless and uninspired.

    "The world is merciless and it's also very beautiful."

    Luke V

    Hah looks fun,
    I’m gonna play it looks real cathartic. Like Extreme Black Friday Shopping crossed with well nothing this is exactly how I picture Extreme Black Friday Shopping.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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