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    I had the chance to test out some VR tech last weekend. Here’s my experience.

    Oculus DK1: Tested with a racing simulator. Very impressed with the immersion. Unfortunately, the graphics were somewhat grainy. Apparently, the DK2 has a higher pixel count and is somewhat easier to develop with.

    Samsung Gear: Similar to the DK1 (and also made by Oculus) but you use your Samsung phone as the interface/screen. Works smoothly (trackpad/button on the side of googles) and comes with a variety of videos/pictures/games. More blurry and pixelated than DK1 and is prone to overheating (in hindsight, being in a hot garage didn’t help matters).

    Google Cardboard: Very basic and I was not impressed. Hopefully, Google will develop it more as time goes on.

    Overall, I think this VR thing is going to be the future. The technology is there and there is so much developers can do with it besides gaming (education, virtual tours, simulators, etc.)

    The commercial kit for Oculus will be out on Q1 of 2016.

    Have any of you guys tried out any VR gear? What are your experiences/thoughts?
    Anything you are excited to see come out for the Oculus? I have seen some promising horror titles.

    Rabid ecstasy, 1997

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