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    Crunchyroll-owner Ellation announces Vrv, a multi-channel, streaming video service

    I just tried out this app last night and here is the best way I can sum it up:
    Think Netflix/Crunchroll meets Youtube. Now unlike YouTube, you can’t create your own content, but what this app does is allow you to stream anime, cartoons, entertainment news, and even horror movies (though the horror channel, as well as every movie this app has, is exclusive to Premium membership). While there is certain content that requires the Premium membership, you can watch most series on this app for free (but it will include adds).
    To name a few shows you can watch for free on VRV:
    Cowboy Bebop (Dubbed for Funimation channel, subbed for Crunchroll channel)
    Classroom Assassination
    Psycho-Pass subbed (the dubbed version for this one is exclusive to Premium for some reason)
    Humanity has Declined
    Log Horizon
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (all 5 seasons)
    Serial Experiments Lain
    Death Parade
    Dragon Ball Super
    Bravest Warriors (which wilk get a season 3 at long last on Jan 10th)
    Bee and Puppycat
    Now the app isn’t perfect as it will go to adds during inconvenient times (like during the opening of an anime), and Crunchroll or Funimation themselves still provide a bigger library of content, but this is still nevertheless a great and convenient app for streaming this kind of content.
    Unfortunately, as this is a very new app, VRV is only available in the US so far. But hopefully it will grow big enough to become available elsewhere.

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