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    Besides CCS Podcast. What podcast do you enjoy listing to?

    Here’s mine:

    Double Toasted. (Formerly known as Spill.com)
    We all know these amazing people are. But if you were living under a rock,here’s a quick history of the site. Spill.com was a movie review website made by a former Warner Brothers animator Korey Coleman and back in late 2013, Spill.com was closed down. Currently, Korey has a new website called Double Toasted. If you want more info, go to the Spill.com wikipedia page.
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spill.com You can listen to Korey’s podcast at the Double Toasted website.


    Rotten Tomatoes Podcast.
    You, me and everyone else here can agree we have a love or hate relationship with Rotten Tomatoes. Believe it or not, the podcast is 100% better than the movie reviews. They mostly talk about updates on upcoming movies or TV shows. It’s a lot of fun listen to. You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud. https://soundcloud.com/rottentomatoes/ and you can follow the two hosts for the Rotten Tomatoes podcast Matt Atchity and Grae Drake on twitter. https://twitter.com/Matchity https://twitter.com/graedrake

    Geek Juice Radio.
    Geek Juice Radio talks about every movie or TV show is awesome for nerds. The Godzilla sequels, Star Wars,Star Trek,Anime, the new My Little Pony cartoon, the Furry Fandom and many more! You can listen to their podcast on SoundCloud.

    Josh Hadley and his friends talk about forgotten horror or exploitation film. It’s pretty interesting to learn about a movie, the mainstream audience never heard of. You can listen to the podcast on Josh’s website 1201beyond.com. http://www.1201beyond.com/category/podcasts/radiodrome/

    This one is also made by Josh Hadley. He and his friends share their thoughts on the pros and cons of the US government.
    I SUPER recommend this to Laughing-Man. You can listen to the podcast on Josh’s website 1201beyond.com. http://www.1201beyond.com/category/podcasts/what-the-fk/

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