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    Not that the OSCARS really matter anymore (the CCS podcast already did an After Hours years ago about that), but I just want to mention what my pick for Best Picture would be (since I have a gut feeling it will likely get snubbed in favor of a certain other movie that all the folks in Hollywood are practically worshipping). That movie is Arrival from Denis Villeneuve. While I could try to write several paragraphs on why I think this movie deserves to win Best Picture like a regular review, I am just going to provide a link to a recent video from nerdwriter as I believe it basically sums up what I think is great about Arrival.

    In a year that was generally not all that great for movies with only a few exceptions to at least keep cinema from being dead (Shin Godzilla was practically the only movie worth watching during October), Arrival is not only the best film of 2016 but it is also a movie that will likely stand the test of time along with classics like 2001 Space Odyssey and Bladerunner due to its themes and how brilliantly said themes are executed. However like some classic (Citizen Kane for instance) I see this movie getting subbed out of the Best Picture Award at the OSCARS. Why you ask? Well I already did mention a certain movie that all of Hollywood is practically worshipping.

    What do y’all think? Does Arrival deserve to win the Best Picture Award?

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