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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    So during the latest Kraut & Tea Livestream, Sargon proposed an idea of making up a new label/term to rally people behind it. He thinks all we need to take on the regressive left is a new buzz word. The idea annoyed me, so I wrote a way too long response that rambles quite a lot & I didn’t spell check like the last 3-6 paragraphs. So here it is for your viewing entertainment.

    It’s an Asian proverb that if you don’t know yourself & don’t know your enemy, you will always lose. If you know 1 of the two, you have like 50/50 odds. If you know yourself & your enemy, you will always win.

    I think Sargon really knows who his enemy is, but I think he’s losing track of who he is. He’s an individual. He refutes idiots based on their arguments, not who they are. He’s turning to Saul Alinsky when he knows that’s not who he wants to be. He knows Rules for Radicals isn’t for him because he isn’t a radical, nor is anyone he wants to associate with a “radical”. He knows identity politics is wrong, but he’s trying to make up a new identity to throw into the fray.

    The greatest strength SJWs & radical Islam has is their hegemony. They’re the Borg, they’ll cut off any part of their humanity in order to fit into their collectives. They’ll also either assimilate others, or destroy them (Social Justice does it metaphorically, Radical Islam does it rather literally). You can’t beat the Borg with another collective. You can’t rally people to the degree they have, because you won’t promote the totalitarian exclusionism they have. You won’t tell people to freeze out the nonbelievers. You can’t make a cult that large without sacrificing the core values it requires to defeat those other cults.

    What you need is to remind people your argument is more important that who you are or what you identify as. You need people to stop dismissing people cause of an identity or label. You need people of different identities to allow for outsiders to talk, converse, & debate with them honestly. You need to stop people trying to avoid labels cause their opposition will label them for them. You need people to admit labels are good or bad based on how you use them, they’re just a way to communicate. The whole focus on these labels is sophistry, plain & simple.

    There is no magical identity or buzz word that is going to cure these hegemonic, collectivist idiots. There’s no perfect way to make a movement that will do all the things you want it to do. There is no simple answer, no magic spell, no trump card. You need to teach people to think for themselves, which is a thing that people have to commit of their own free will to do. You have to believe in individuals, that even flippant idiots can learn the basics of logic & to come to their own conclusions on issues & problems.

    The lesson you can learn from GamerGate is nothing that has been said in the video. It’s the fact people tried to fix things by changing things out of their control. You can’t control news outlets you don’t own. You can control how opportunistic charlatans will do. You can’t control internet personalities. You can’t control others in your movement. What you can control is yourself & only yourself. The reason why collectivism is so easy is that you no longer have to take any responsibility, yet you can still take partial responsibility for the actions & accomplishments (both real & perceived, but mostly perceived) of the group. Why individualism is so hard is that you have to take responsibility for everything you do & you have to restrict you pieced power & influence to just yourself. Sure we have an effect on others, but the strength & form of that influence is still determined by the limitations & volition of that person.

    In trying to change how others behaved, GamerGate fractured & couldn’t keep a cohesive message. You don’t need a new label, you just have to rally the groups that already exist to your cause with reason. It’s a slow process, it’s hard to build a movement especially when your opponents are cheating with their false narratives & wide spread indoctrination/propaganda. Sure it sometimes feels like herding sheep when dealing with some many groups with some many varied interests, but you can’t defeat hegemony with a poorer version of itself.

    Sure this individualist nature invites a lot of chaos, more than any one man can deal with, but that’s the cost of dealing with individuals instead of collectivists. My favorite Tarot card is the Tower. Most soothsayers interpret it as a “collapse”. To me, it the choice between collectivism & individualism. On the card is a depiction of the Tower of Babel. What built the Tower of Babel? Hegemony. What caused it to fell down? Individualism. There is great power in collectivism. It can build a tower that reaches into the domain of God. There is also great conflict that comes with individualism. The people became so different they could no longer even understand each other with their words. In choosing individualism, you opt for chaos over order created by hegemony. You lose so much, but I would say you gain something that other possession become moot if you lack, your own individuality.

    Sorry for the long rant. I write this because I seen a lot of people (a lot in GamerGate) stare too long into the abyss & tried to adopt the tactics of their opposition (sometimes unaware that they were doing such). It never ended well for them. They thought they had all the answers & started to dictate to to others what they could do to do better. Then could became should. Then should became must. To me, I found one key issue they reliably lead to this issue. It was when the lost faith in others, usually brought about by things not changing as faster as they would like. They wanted to expedite the fall of SJWs, but all they did was try to crown themselves undisputed dictator.

    The hardest part of preaching the merits of libertarianism is selling the fact people are going to use their liberties, freedoms, & rights for ill advised things. If you focus on controlling a movement rather than just inspiring it with your own actions, you will eventually find yourself walking down the path of an authoritarian. “When people choose, they choose wrong.” is at the core of every authoritarian. If you can’t leave others to make their mistakes, you will find your liberty loving idealism quickly eroded away by false promises of success & victory. If you do give in and somehow mange to construct your version of the Tower of Babel, you will find the victory completely hollow. You will find you replaced one group of people mindlessly following indoctrination, with a new group of people blindly following indoctrination. You saved them from one crisis while completely crippling them to deal with any new issues or crisis.

    The victory you seek is a long & argues one. Don’t try to take short cuts, it’ll be your downfall. I may sound like I’m just preaching doom & gloom, but what I want you to take from this is to have hope in your fellow man. Sure, a lot of things happen that make me lose faith in humanity, but when the going get’s rough they have always moved forward & accomplished great feats. Never lose sight of how amazing even the most mundane of people are & can be. Do the one thing collectivist can’t, believe in the individual, even if they get thing wrong, a lot.. & often, but they do always persevere in the end.

    ***Post Note***
    Here a link to the podcast if you want to watch it.

    "Now, I’ve forgiven the world and myself, too. I teach myself to smile again. One day I’ll get there, I know I will. Even if it takes me not nine, but nine hundred lives." -Susan Ashworth from The Cat Lady

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