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    Shinra Kuroki
    Shinra Kuroki

    I’ve been trying to formulate D&D campaign using New World of Darkness & I thought I would outsource some of the work/fun to you guys. I would love feed back or you guys to try and pass any ideas by me.

    Rule Books I’m using: New World of Darkness, Hunter the Vigil, The Armory, Vampire the Requiem, Changling the Lost, Mage the Awakening, Geist the Sin-Eater, & Slasher. I might add Promethans, Mummys, Warewolves & Demons later on.

    Setting: Fictional medium scale town. California, beach front areas, has a few noteworthy companies. The town seems to attracted & repeal certain supernatural creatures & events. I’m still working on the town’s name. I’m looking for something cool sounding up there with Silent Hill.

    Players: Hunters with no supernatural powers & no connections with any compacts or conspiracies. They all have a job & only hunt mostly on the weekends to keep their town safe.

    Intro: The player characters (PC), all already friends/acquaintances with some dealing/run into the paranormal, are summoned to an address in the town via messages delivered in a plain white envelope. The address is an abandoned facility, but more messages direct the party to a hidden door that leads under the facility. The facility is on top of what seems to be a Hunter Safe-house with a small library filled with occult books (most need to be restored or are in incomprehensible languages). The wall all made of a thick black stone & the safe-house seems almost alive in some respects. In the safe house there is a reference desk that always seems to have the latest issues of newspapers (mostly print outs of websites) that have certain stories circled in red, a door with a mail slot the opens to nothing but dirt (yet still receives mail), fall out shelter emergency rations, and a knife & light pistol for each hunter (both with an emblem of the safehouse).

    Locations: Atlas Prep Academy, Library of Shadows, Mother Mary’s Antiques, Bob’s Huntin N’ Fishin, Madison Public Library, The Rear Admiral’s Bar Keep, X Town Hall, Green Grove Cemetery, The Sisters of Perpetual Sorrow Convent, The Fields of Green Golf Corse, The Tzeentch Arcade & Grill, the Moricornius Asylum, the Whores of Babylon Club, Saint Agatha’s Hospital, & Heavenly Host Elementary

    Factions: The town is full of human & supernatural groups all vying for control, power, resources, & safety. Most of these factions are from the rule books (I’m not that creative), though the charters are mine & I have already made their character sheets.

    The Barrett Commission is staunchly always at City Hall the the Court House, making sure nothing supernatural is influencing the Hall of Power or Justice. They are just normal humans & are completely composed of socially & intellectually skilled hunters. They have a server lack of fire power, but their ability to detect humans under the influence of the paranormal (and to prevent themselves from becoming effect as well) is unparallel. Their spied usually go unnoticed by supernatural beings and the Commissions only plan of attack is to really hunters from other compacts & conspiracies to keep humanity free of monsters who fancy themselves the true rules over humanity from the shadows. The Hunters will run into them should they try to use a paranormal ally or item to try and influence politics.

    The Daughters of Hecate – A small cells (4 students & their teacher) of awaken mages all hailing from the Thyrsus tradition. Their Life magic is great for healing and their spirit magic makes them the second at dealing with ghosts. They are lead by Mother Gertrude, an old lady from another time… and by another time I mean every other word out of her mouth is a racial slur. Life mages can prolong their lives quite a bit, so she is literally from another time. She used to be a battle medical mage for the Adamantine Arrow, but as she got older she now puts most of her efforts into training the next generation of mages. Quests given by Mother Gertrude mainly deal with upgrading her Sanctum and Hallow, and does her quests will convince her that she can trust the party with her pupils to call on them should their magics & will also heal wounds (big & small) at a pace that only magic can deliver. They’ll meet Mother Gertrude if they go to a KKK rally or if they catch one of her students going into a haunted house to do battle with a ghost.

    The Spring Court – Changleings were once human, then a Fae took interest of them, kidnapped them, & left a magical copy of them to cover it up. Not all humans make it back, but those who do have found themselves changed. They have new powers, a new face that goes unseen by the average person, & a new almost all consuming fear of being dragged back to Arcadia. To prevent recapture, the Changelings formed Courts to band together to protect themselves from the god-like entities that once imprisoned them. Each seasonal court has a stated goal to help Changelings, and the Spring Court’s is to help Changelings come to accept their new existence & to use it to fit/hide in & thrive in human society. The power of the Courts vary from town to town, and in this town there is hardly any presence of any of the 10 Courts. The Spring Court has dispatched Andrea Belnades
    to the Town in order to rally the local changelings under the banner of the Spring Court. Andrea Belnades joined the Spring Court shortly after earning her freedom. As a Fairest, her beauty was inspirational, but her way with words is what truly earned her high position in the Spring Court. As an experienced Fairest, she is keen at getting other to do what she wants, but don’t be fooled, she knows her way around a saber & can be the most terrifying opponent on the battle field. Quests given from Andrea are usually about helping her expand her Hollow (home in a parallel dimension called the Hedge) & recruiting Changelings to the Spring Court with unique crafting skills. Doing these quests will earn the characters changeling tokens & Hedgespun. These items can only be made by Changelings & only through a magically binding Contract with Andrea can the party hope of using them without server consequences. They’ll run into Adnrea if they help save a stray changeling from an over zealous hunter.

    The Camarilla – Vampires need to hide the truth about themselves to the public or risk a war that might eradicated them. The Camarilla is an organization designed to help maintain the Masquerade. If you think Vampires are cool, wait until you see their political system. It old farts trying to keep the young idiots from ruining everything, young idiots trying to reform the way old farts dogmatically retain century old ways, vampires dying & living (un-living?) solely based on the words they say; it’s amazing. Sure politics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but throw in some magical vampire powers & assassinating political rivals sounds like fun. Vampires don’t let humans learn about them and live (except for ghouls who are humans who drink vampire blood, who are addicted to the blood & magically enthralled by the vampire they drink from). In this case they’re making an exception. Every time the Hunters go to the Black Library safe-house, their spies always lose track of them. Due to this lapse in intel, the Camarilla is hesitant to strike them down, not knowing who. if anyone, will follow in their foot steps to avenge them. To avoid a war, the Prince (highest ranked vampire in the Camarilla pecking order) has entrusted Esmeralda de Crox to create a nonagressive pack between the Camarillia & the party. Esmeralda is the obvious choice, being one of the more dignified vampires at the Princes disposal, being of the Daeva clan (known for beauty & being persuasive), is a stanch Catholic immune to hunters using pure faith to repel or destroy her, and is the Primogon of the Daeva Clan in the town (has status & weight to her promises). She has undergone a spiritual journey and is in the state of Golconda. Rather than needing a point of viate (blood) to rise without taking lethal damage, she needs it only once a month & she never loses herself to any of the three vampire rages (hunger, insult, and fear). She is working with the local Kindred to help them, and a reduction in blood consumption & frenzied incidents is palpable. Being of the Septemi has given her Disciplines capable of undoing the Disciplines of other vampires, along with the spells & other such magics of other paranormal creatures such as mages, ware-creatures, ect. Her quests focus around Vampire politics & her ambition to dethrone the Prince & become the Queen (of the town). She will reward the Hunters with information from her spy networks & allies, and will also lend out her Ghoul for stealth missions (upgraded to Mekhet vampires & finally to Nosferatu with enough trust). She will also lend her spell breaking powers to the group, for owing her a reasonable favor. They’ll encounter Esmeralda shortly after they kill a vampire or run away from one after trying to kill it.

    The VASCU – an offshot of the FBI. Their profilers, psychic profilers! While they can’t do anything really cool like mages, for normal-sih humans they do pretty well. Their main job is to hunt down slashers, serial killers who have a some what weak paranormal powers (nothing that can’t be rationalized away). Since the town has had a few too many unexplained deaths, they have sent out agent Brain Hill to take a prolonged stay. The Hunters will run into Brian Hill if they ever catch onto a slashers trail to the point the slasher is also tracking their trail. Helping Brian will give the Hunters access to a forensics team, a tech-angel (FBI hired hacker), and to some of the homemade weapons of slashers that have been “misplaced” from the evidence locker.

    The Cheiron Group – A business company who secretly researches into the benefits of transplanting the parts of monsters into people. All their agents have at least one modification. The Cheiron Group has a front business in the town to cover up their research and collection of monsters. Many of the beginning quests will be of animals who they have experimented on & have somehow escaped from captivity. Siding with the Cheiron Group will make vampires hostile (more hostile if they’re not allied), cause apparently chopping up vampires for implants for humans is frowned upon.

    I’ll probably throw in some Vampire Hunter groups & Witch Hunter Groups depending on what factions the group patrons the most.

    I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions.

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    Jakob Morris
    Jakob Morris


    In serious though i hope your campagin goes well. Im more of a Within the Ring of Fire or Exalted guy myself.

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