YouTube Adpocalypse and McCarthyist Blacklisting of Content?

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    It’s no secret that YouTube has been demonetizing videos and commentary it deemed to be “controversial” or “offensive” as an effort to pander to the oversensitive SJWs and soccer moms. Now, however, it looks like things are now getting a little interesting, or rather scary…. It now appears that even certain videos that are monetized and fit YouTube’s Approval checklist (as vague as that checklist is) aren’t having ads run on them. Considering just how liberal Google, who owns YouTube, has been, with the recent firing of an employee who wrote an article about the company being one big echo chamber, some have come to suspect that YouTube has deliberately changed it algorithms in order to make sure that even “controversial” videos that are monetize don’t get ad revenue.

    2017 has been quite an interesting year concerning YouTube and the spread of information on the internet in general, with the mainstream media trying to push for more and more censorship of news from YouTube videos and independent sources in order to maintain their influence on the public, content creators mysteriously losing their subscribers for no reason, the numerous abuses of the YouTube copyright claims system, as well as finding their videos getting demonetized for not having “the right opinion”. All the while Google and YouTube has been completely silent and in the dark about all this.
    It really does make one wonder if we are seeing the beginning of YouTube’s demise.


    I’ve been listening to a lot of the stuff Mister Metokur has put out lately about the google situation and youtube. Yeah it would seem that Google really wants to shove an agenda down peoples throats and ensure those that aren’t part of that agenda are silenced. But until we can find a new avenue that isn’t youtube I doubt we’ll be seeing youtube’s end at any point right now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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