Game of Thrones Movie: A Disservice to the TV Show?

In this “Platinum Age of Television” HBO’s “Game of Thrones” stands as an epitome of captivating storytelling, deep complex characters, and fantastic acting. This is largely due to the time allotted per season to let George R. R. Martin’s book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, to ‘breathe’. But in recent weeks, author George R. R. Martin has been quoted as being optimistic for a Game of Thrones movie as a full feature theatrical release for the television series’s ultimate finale. For those who have tuned in and journeyed through the Machiavellian fantasy world of Westeros, the prospect of a Game of Thrones movie has been met with both praise and resistance. Some, including George R. R. Martin, himself, believe that a theatrical release would allow for a big budget sendoff and spectacle between dragons, white walkers, and the survivors of the book series. Others are skeptical that the shift in venue would turn off existing Game of Thrones fans, and possibly isolate and confuse movie-goers who haven’t already invested hours in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. CineMax and LaughingMan, fans of the Game of Thrones HBO television show and dabblers in the Song of Ice and Fire books, weigh in on the prospect of a Game of Thrones movie.


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