Ghost in the Shell Movie (2017): Does It Look Good?

LaughingMan and CineMax awaken from their eternal slumber to call Google on the carpet over their blatantly sexist views. Oh, and they also share their thoughts on the recently unveiled trailer for the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie along the way.



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5 Comments on “Ghost in the Shell Movie (2017): Does It Look Good?

  1. Gotta say, watching the trailer for the new GITS has gotten my interest despite the director at the helm. Visually, it nails the look and atmosphere of the movie while the cast does look promising but it’s the story that has me worried and from the looks of it, it seems like a mix of the films, Stand Alone Complex and Arise all into one.

  2. I have been a little more hopeful about this movie ever since the trailer came out. Personally what I would like to see is a live action adaptation of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION get made some day.

  3. I have seen an early screening of the movie (and will see it again in IMAX today (April 1st) (not a joke)), and to me the movie was a streamlined but nuanced cyberpunk blockbuster about identity, what it means to be human vs machine, consent (do you still have ownership over yourself if your brain is put in a machine) that does also boast the best visuals in cinema and a compelling and solid performance by ScarJo as the Major. Granted it could’ve gone deeper into those themes, but the ideas are still present enough to hopefully start a discussion.
    I am actually baffled by the 41% it has on Rotten Tomatoes, mainly because when I had seen it it was like at 73%, and the next day it was at 78% only to drop to 50% in the course of that same day, so I have some suspicion that perhaps the critics might be biased on this one. Especially since a lot of the criticisms boil down to it being “too similar” to Blade Runner and the Matrix (even though one had influenced GitS while the other was influenced by GitS), or rely way too much on comparisons to the 1995 film (to the point where io9 criticized the movie for not having the exact same themes as the 1995 film).
    To sum it up, you might want to watch this video from MundaneMatt before you let the RT score sway you from seeing the movie.

  4. Watched it recently, and in 3D, no less. To be fair, I had invited a great friend and fellow kyudo / katori student we practice with almost every day, and the last time she saw anything of GITS series was, like, never. Went straight after training, so being exhausted and hungry, the general expectation was “whatever, so long as it takes my mind off of things for a couple hours, it’s all good”.

    That said, the trailer seemed promising, and, having seen some great things butchered by crappy directors and corporate marketing before (King Kong, I’m looking at you… not, ugh), this wasn’t supposed to be so bad.

    I can’t say I left the cinema different than I entered. This was no revelation to me (in no small part that it wasn’t too far away from 1995 anime – I know, that’s subjective), but I wasn’t disgusted, or bored, or anything the sort. As far as I’m concerned, it was by far one of the best movies to come out of … anywhere, really.

    As for my friend, she absolutely loved it. I was not expecting her to take it so naturally, she doesn’t watch these kinds of movies, and effects were a bit overdone to my mind. But, for someone completely uninitiated into cyberpunk stuff, like Blade Runner, Johnny Mnenomic, Nirvana, or GITS universe, for that matter, she really seemed to “get” it (then we had one of our loooooong talks on the phone that end a few hours too late).

    Which brings me to the actually meaningful part of this comment. As a movie for the “uninitiated”, this is just the right mix of sci-fi, cyberpunk, psychology, action and even some under-carpet politics. 1995 anime was more “raw” – the first time I watched it, I remember it being far too noir to immerse oneself into it, it just wasn’t forgiving. You never felt at home in it – perhaps, that was the idea? – there was always the feeling you’re watching a dystopian movie. It took more than one time to actually “fully enter” the setting, and that’s coming from a die hard fan of Deus Ex game series, which are pretty much veritable GITS grandchildren with a somewhat dark setting themselves.

    To reiterate, the movie is just right for people that are new to the franchise. If the original was striking, screaming, at times even repulsive, this is slightly trimmed down, but not neutered. It still has plenty to think about, and I wouldn’t call it gentle on the viewer either. The only difference I can name, is that 1995′ GITS hits you on the head with a barbed wire baseball bat (see what I did there? ;), this uses a polished bokken.

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