Ghost in the Shell: Arise FIRST IMPRESSIONS

*WARNING* This video contains spoilers. *WARNING*

As a follow-up to his earlier ‘In Defense of Ghost in the Shell: Arise’ video, CineMax is joined by his good friend and fellow Ghost in the Shell aficionado, LaughingMan, to discuss the recently released first installment of the new series. They deliberate whether the new series has managed to meet their expectations so far and presume where Arise can go from here.


The loveable lunatic with the foul mouth and the iconic laugh, Laughingman is the founder of CCS. With more coffee than copper in his bloodstream, he's a full-time website developer by day, and a gamer, editor, and fiction writer by night.


A subversive excommunicated from [REDACTED] as a result of a failed coup d'etat, CineMax has miraculously managed to reach and find asylum in the Land of the Free. Here he spends his days working for Cheshire Cat Studios, all the while plotting his inevitable return to the motherland to once again foment the flames of revolution.

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