Hatred “Banned” on Twitch.tv: Video Game Puritanism

In a very short amount of time, Twitch.tv has risen to become one of the most go-to streaming services for video game Let’s Players on the Internet. However, the release of the controversial misanthropic, killing-spree indie video game “Hatred” has fallen within the same relative timespan as Twitch.tv’s new policies regarding a ban on Adult-Only (AO) rated video games. The list of banned Adult-Only games is short (and largely comical), as the most noticeable titles consist of games with significant sexual content, such as erotic Japanese dating sims, voyeuristic themed games from the early 2000s, and even critically acclaimed games featuring mannequin-like sexual content, such as “Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Director’s Cut” and “Grand Theft Auto San Andres” (Hot Coffee mod). However, “Hatred” is the first to be banned for its extreme realistic violence, yet games with extremely realistic-looking fantasy-violence, like Mortal Kombat X, are still given a free pass?

LaughingMan and CineMax discuss Twitch.tv’s recent decision to forbid the streaming of AO-rated games via their service, as well as the larger puritanical campaign to besmirch and disavow the latest controversial shoot ’em up game “Hatred” by the liberal gaming press that had been going on for months prior to the game’s release on Steam on June 1st, 2015.


A subversive excommunicated from [REDACTED] as a result of a failed coup d'etat, CineMax has miraculously managed to reach and find asylum in the Land of the Free. Here he spends his days working for Cheshire Cat Studios, all the while plotting his inevitable return to the motherland to once again foment the flames of revolution.


The loveable lunatic with the foul mouth and the iconic laugh, Laughingman is the founder of CCS. With more coffee than copper in his bloodstream, he's a full-time website developer by day, and a gamer, editor, and fiction writer by night.

6 Comments on “Hatred “Banned” on Twitch.tv: Video Game Puritanism

  1. Reminds me on the other incident at Twitch about the company banning Sengo Kagura and Dead or Alive 5 Last Round for a bunch of breasts:


    Really, this whole “controversy” of Hatred is nonsensical since Hatred is so stupidly over the top, you really can’t take it serious and feels like a parody of violent video games than some “dark brooding bloody game” that the media are losing their shits for. It’s fake and you’re not supposed to take it seriously cause it is just a damn game. Hell, GTA San Amdreas has lots of violence but guess what? You can play with cheat codes that let you drive flying fucking cars to Las Vegas, Nevada while magically exploding for no reason but to laugh with your buddies while causing delicious mayhem. Over sensitive idiots they have become.

  2. Let’s be honest, let’s not act like this is something new. The same controversies have happened with the likes of Manhunt or Postal just giving the same shock value as the game Hatred. Just because a couple of pixels are perceived innocent makes the game ten times worse. It’s very sad to see that game journalists with the likes of Kotaku or Polygon are saying “this game is the spawn of Satan and the creators are Neo-Nazis” or “it’s the end of gaming as we know it!”. People come on now, use the brains that you were given. have some common sense, and stop being so sensitive for goodness sake. That is all.

  3. Some people just can’t have fun 🙁
    Hatred was pretty laughable. It’s like a black/white version of Postal 1 with grim-dark dialogue.
    I don’t know why people do not understand that violent media = real life violence.
    Sadly, colleges are turning more into expensive playgrounds for young people and not places where you expand your mind and participate in intelligent disscussion.

    • Sadly, it’s the main reason I quitted college after a year. I wasn’t learning jack and shit but to have pointless stress of homework assignments an teachers insulting you for no goddamn reason (my teacher of the Visual Medium class insulted the whole class for not knowning who Michelangelo was)

      • Liberal Arts is tainted with politics and incompetence. I had a much better experience with business. Education isn’t what it used to be that’s for sure.

        • Wow, that’s just fucking embarrassing. And people say the education system is “fine and doesn’t need to be fixed” excuse.

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