Is There Hope for the DC Extended Universe?

The DC Extended Cinematic Universe has been off to a rough to a rough start, at least critically. While Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad have been financially successful, they’ve been critically panned. The breakout DC film, Wonder Woman, was met with positive response, while the less critically successful Justice League movie still fared better than Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Now there’s an explosive rumor that Michael Bay may be directing a Lobo movie, which has nerd culture in an uproar. However, the constant fiascos involving the Flash and Aquaman projects means that DC isn’t out of the water yet. And with the failures of previously attempted cinematic universes (Universal’s Dark Universe cinematic… universe) will DC be left reaching for Marvel’s success?

Nat and LaughingMan are joined by long time DC fan and Patreon friend, Dukect:

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