Leaked Deadpool Test Footage: Fox Snuffs R-Rated Deadpool Movie

Watch the Deadpool Test Footage Here: http://vimeo.com/102076523

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Test footage for an R-rated Deadpool movie was leaked at the tail-end of ComicCon 2014, and 20th Century Fox has been hard at work controlling the outbreak in an effort to keep the video from going viral. But thanks to the anarchistic nature of the Internet, the damage has been done. However, there appears to be something far more insidious at work.

According to sources, the CGI Deadpool test footage fits the same footage that Deadpool co-creator, Rob Liefeld, had claimed to have seen back in 2011. In a quote by Rob Liefeld regarding the test footage that he and a select few had seen, it was clearly an R-rated take on Deadpool, complete with guns, katanas, murder, and the jokes that have become synonymous with Deadpool. However the timing of the leaked Deadpool test footage, created by Blur Studios for 20th Century Fox, has LaughingMan and CineMax wondering: Exactly what sort of game is being played here. Clearly the trailer was on par with the camcorder quality of pirated movies on thepiratebay.org, but was this a clever play on the part of Blur Studios to absolve themselves of responsibility and leak what could potentially be an excellent adaptation of Deadpool while 20th Century Fox sits on the IP? Additionally, why was this 2-3 year old test footage never reported to the major entertainment media or leaked previous to ComicCon 2014? Is this a rough test product that was shown to only a handful of 20th Century Fox executives? Did they shoot it down because an R-rated superhero movie wouldn’t be marketable to the kiddies like Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the more conventional PG-13 safe superheroes?

Join LaughingMan and CineMax as they not only dissect what elements in the Deadpool leaked test footage coincides with their previous “Ultimate Deadpool: The Ideal Merc With A Mouth” video podcast, but they also speculate on why the test footage was released 2-3 years after the fact, why 20th Century Fox is so keen on keeping it contained, and the effects that this leaked footage could have. Additionally, if 20th Century Fox were to let the Deadpool IP go without another movie adaptation or appearance, what would happen if Disney/Marvel Studios got the IP back? Would an adult, less-child-friendly superhero be able to co-exist under the family-friendly Disney banner? Does the fact that we haven’t seen a new Blade, Punisher, Ghost Rider, or even Daredevil movie suggest that Hollywood is trying to sanitize or suppress the darker comic book properties so they can sell merchandise to children?

20th Century Fox Takes Down Leaked Deadpool Movie Test Footage.


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