The Legacy of Silent Hill: The Past, the Present, and the Future

In this After Hours episode, The Fuboo is joined by CCS’s newest recruit, Katie B, to talk about one of survival horror’s biggest titles: the Silent Hill series. They discuss why Kojima’s P.T. (or “Silent Hills”) game seemed promising, and then take a look back into the history of the Silent Hill series as a whole.

As hardcore Silent Hill fans, Fuboo and Katie believe that only the first 4 titles should be considered ‘true’ Silent Hill games, and they examine the essential components needed to make a game really fit the ‘Silent Hill’ label. They also discuss the often misunderstood importance of the mysterious cult that operates in the town, and why a focus on the occult is crucial to making a Silent Hill game work.

After all, many people are confused about what the powers of the town actually do. The backstory of Silent Hill is basically about a spiritual power that becomes tainted by the horrible practices of the cult. Before the cult arrived, the area around Toluca Lake was inhabited by Native Americans, who worshiped the spiritual power as a god. It was Alessa’s 7 year long torment under Dahlia’s spell that turned the spiritual power into something nasty. The underlying cause of every game is the spiritual power and the way it influences the psyches of the characters. Silent Hill is not a ‘mystical judge’ who seeks to torment those who have done wrong until they confess to their sins, as many have been lead to believe. This was only the plot of Silent Hill 2, but Fuboo and Katie speculate about why it was this particular plot that stuck with everyone, rather than the events of the other 3 games.

The idea that only the first 4 games are ‘real’ Silent Hill games is a topic of hot debate among fans. Do you agree with the ladies of CCS? Or do you think the newer titles have something great to offer in their own way? What do you hope to see from the next Silent Hill title? Let us know below in the comments!


Katie B is a professional Flash animator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She loves Stoicism, birds, and convincing people that the only good Silent Hill games are 1-4.

The Fuboo

Artists, Wife, Mother of three, aaaaaand full time dork. WARNING: Easily Angered.

7 Comments on “The Legacy of Silent Hill: The Past, the Present, and the Future

  1. I think an game revolving around the early years of Silent Hill would be a good entry.
    The natives called the land “Nest of the Raven”. Raven is an important character in many American Indian cultures because he is a trickster and one that “transforms the world”.
    This fits my personal theory (let’s face it, there is little explanation on the eldritch forces surrounding the town, but that is what makes it interesting) on the SH lore that the supernatural energy in the town is fluid and subject to change by the inhabitants and visitors of the town. Since the subconscious influence of the cult and Alessa, through their collective beliefs and suffering/fears, the land has transformed based on the cult’s religion and practices.
    Tl;dr: The town is an egregore.

    I don’t have high hopes for a “revival” but stranger things have happened before. Only time will tell.

    Also, if fans bitch about the American games and movies, they haven’t read the comics. Good god! Those things are awful and have little to do with the mythos of the franchise.

  2. Wonderfully paced discussion Fuboo & Katie B. You were both very engaging and quick to not leave a non-silent hill veterans behind by explaining quickly and efficiently as you moved from topic to topic. I honestly never have considered SH2s popularity coming partial from its simplicity, seems heavily obvious now looking back. Would explain the disconnect between early fans even. People who like to dig for answers and those who absorb only what they are given. Though i would argue that SH2s popularity have also to do with timing. SH2 being in that golden early age of PS2 tittles and XBOX games. Just as SH4 suffered from being at the end of a consoles life span and coming out at the wrong era. It seems a “general public interest” has changed to accept games that require the grand symposium of internets puzzle solving in an abstract game. PT showed that, before revealing its name as a SH game. And lets be honest i doubt we would have the cult properly be addressed in PT as the creative views still come from someone who is “inspired by” rather than the creators who really understand it. I would love to see Katie Bs idea of a silent hill game, but only if the original minds attest oversaw the story. But i too like Fuboo have hoped to see a sequel involving a cult member, but unlike Fuboo, i would like to see a cult member go from blind faith, too fearful deist. Similar to the arc of Vincent. Great Podcast i hope to see more from you too.

  3. So far I’ve only played Silent Hill 2. Hearing more about the other games was really enlightening. I really enjoyed Katie and the Fuboo doing a video together. I hope you guys do more videos together… hopefully sometime this year ^-^

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