Matt Stone and Trey Parker Dropped The Ball With South Park Season 20 | Extended Play Audio Podcast

Long-time South Park viewers were in for a change of pace with the landmark 20th season of the show. While overarching plot-lines that get carried through as a running gag for an entire season isn’t new to the show (Butters taking Kenny’s place while Kenny’s soul in Cartman; Randy as Lorde; PC Principal). Multi-part episode are also a common staple of the traditionally episodic series. However, season 20 took a radically different serialized format with a 10 episode over-arching story-line.

While the fan-base and critics appear to be split on the decision to change the format of South Park to fit modern viewing habits (online binge-watching), the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, made the near-fatal error of hinging far too many of the central story’s major plot points on the shocking 2016 election, and Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald J Trump.

With far too many plot elements tied to the predicted landslide win of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, it’s obvious that Trump’s triumph with the electoral college (we live in a Republic, not a Democracy; two wolves and a sheep) left Matt Stone and Trey Parker fighting to tie up loose plot points within an entirely shifting narrative. And in the end very few of these plot points were ever resolved.

And while there were some decent meme-able elements to the season, like the member berries, the overall arch focused largely on gender wars and online trolling. But with Donald Trump winning the election, is it fair to say that Donald Trump trolled South Park like a Rick Roll.



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6 Comments on “Matt Stone and Trey Parker Dropped The Ball With South Park Season 20 | Extended Play Audio Podcast

  1. Yes, more Natalie in audio podcasts! Love hearing her out!

    Season 20 was just OK overall. I did get the topics they want to discuss like people praising JJ Abrams for re-inveinting an old franchise by re-using the same sort but with a new coat of paint, our obsessions with nostalgia, gender wars, trolling and the whole “women are smart & funny” trend but there’s a lack of focus that doesn’t give enough time to really develop the topics they wanted to discuss since the over-arching storyline of the troll wars was stretched beyond relief and it was just unmemorable besides the Rick-Roll moment in the later episodes and Sheila losing herself similar to the South Park movie. If Season 21 is coming, they need to patiently develop the episodes while making sure they can stand on their own, not rush out the entire story arch like they did when they made the episodes for Clinton which we all know backfired right at their faces.

    Don’t know what else to say but Season 20 is just “eh”.

  2. You know, while I had already said this in the YouTube comments section of this video, I am surprised neither of you two made a joke about Trey Parker being in Despicable Me 3.

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