Movie Ratings are Bullshit!: EXTENDED Audio Podcast

Our previous CCS Video Podcast regarding the hypocrisies, inconsistencies, and general futility of moving MPAA and BBFC movie rating systems was one of our lengthier discussions, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. As B-Mask alluded towards the very end, what had occurred in the full audio recording was a “steamroller of discussion” that was far too big to fit into a single CCS Video Podcast. In order to release a video podcast in a relatively timely manner, some bits ended upon the cutting room floor. But considering the additional topics that we covered -government intervention in Hollywood, vote-chasing, the US Military and their final say regarding portrayals of the military on film, and the pasteurizing of film ideas by Hollywood execs, to name a few- we asked our viewers and followers if we shouldn’t save the full conversation from the dustbin.

The response was an overwhelming and encouraging “give us the full ‘Movie Ratings Are Bullshit!’ conversation!”



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4 Comments on “Movie Ratings are Bullshit!: EXTENDED Audio Podcast

  1. Thanks for uploading the full audio, the additional points definitely round out the discussion quite nicely.

  2. In my country, Australia, we have a similar situation with the “ideal” rating here being an ‘M’ for mature audiences, meaning those of fifteen years and older, however those younger can still have free access to them.

    However, with the release of the countries budget for 2014, came an interesting discovery. The Australian Classification Review Board, a body that reviews the ratings given to films and games within Australia is being merged with three other bodies, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, The Migration Review Tribunal, and the Refugee Review Tribunal.

    So, there will now be a single body, in charge of 1: Reviewing decisions made regarding the classifications of films and video games. 2: The processing of people migrating into our country, and 3: The processing of refugees, and determining their status as a “legitimate” refugee.

    I thought this might be relevant in highlighting the importance given to the classification system by my government

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