• SJW Paranoia and Narcissism: Dangerous Personalities

    Nat and LaughingMan have been reading FBI Profiler Joe Navarro’s book “Dangerous Personalities”. However, it was the chapter on the Paranoid personalities that turned out to be both surprisingly familiar and doubly alarming…

  • Outlast 2 | Couch Co-op

    It’s the live Outlast 2 Twitch stream that will forever shame LaughingMan. Witness the exact moment where he has lost his last man-card and earned the new moniker, “ScaredyMatt”.

  • Horror Games Are Like Sex 2: The Return of Survival Horror

    Resident Evil 4 left a lasting impression on survival horror games, but Resident Evil 5 became an action-fest and the less said about Resident Evil 6 the better. With Hideo Kojima and DelToro’s infamous Silent Hills P.T., and horror games like Outlast selling millions of copies thanks to the YouTube Let’s Play community, Capcom decided to take Resident Evil VII in a bold new(?) direction. Needless to say, horror is on a bit of a rebound.

  • The Fuboo Draws: Friday the 13th – The Game

    The CCS Crew discuss Friday the 13th, The Fuboo’s experience at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, and a possible meeting next summer in Las Vegas.

netflix's castlevania animated series review

Netflix’s Castlevania | Faithful Video Game Adaptations

Did you know that the Belmonts have been fighting monsters for generations and have been excommunicated by the church?

The Red Pill Documentary

Cassie Jaye’s “The Red Pill” Documentary | Down the Rabbit Hole

Cassie Jaye’s “The Red Pill” documentary was nothing short of upsetting, but not the least bit surprising.

Zoe Quinn vs Minecraft Creator, Notch: The Last Night and GamerGate

Faces in the game industry can be branded as ‘heretics’ if they don’t step in line with the feminist ideological mafia. However, the independent creator of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson, isn’t being pushed around so easily.

Food For Thought: Trayvon Martin – The Media Is Toxic

Author’s Note: This Food For Thought is going to be much different than previous installments, both in content and in tone. While this site normally doesn’t cover politics or topics outside of the entertainment industry, I…

Can Zack Snyder’s Batman/Superman Movie Work?

News of Zack Snyder’s Superman/Batman movie foreshadowing has spread through the ‘Net like wildfire. Complete with quotes from Frank Miller’s groundbreaking Batman graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, the comic and movie world is anxiously awaiting…

Ghost in the Shell: Arise FIRST IMPRESSIONS

*WARNING* This video contains spoilers. *WARNING* As a follow-up to his earlier ‘In Defense of Ghost in the Shell: Arise’ video, CineMax is joined by his good friend and fellow Ghost in the Shell aficionado, LaughingMan,…

Cheshire Cat Studios In a Nutshell: What is the CCS Video Podcast?

For generations people have pondered what Cheshire Cat Studios is really about. The answer is finally upon us. Our international cast includes: Sardonically philippic CineMax; wise-cracking lunatic, LaughingMan; witty erudite, B-Mask; the lovably quirky Kenny; and…

Food for Thought: Daft Punk – Legend of the Phoenix

Have you ever had that one musician or artist that you fell in love with when you were a kid? Maybe their discovery was a freak accident that you came across one day while looking through…

Double Fine Mis-Adventure: The 3 Million Dollar Indie Game

B-Mask and Kenny Farino debate whether Double Fine haven’t bitten more than they can chew with Broken Age. In order to increase the amount of content being released, we have decided to launch a spin-off series…