Extra Joker and Harley Quinn Scenes Won’t Save Suicide Squad | CCS Video Podcast

The Cheshire Cat Studios Video Podcast is officially back! This episode, we discuss whether extra Joker and Harley Quinn scenes are enough to salvage the trainwreck that was Suicide Squad.

FemBusters: Sony’s Damage Control for the Ghostbusters Reboot

REFERENCES: Possible Ghostbusters (2016) story leak: https://tinyurl.com/gbredditleak Ghostbusters (2016) Action Figures: http://www.slashfilm.com/ghostbusters-villain/ The original 1984 Ghostbusters was lightning in a bottle, a unique blend of tongue-in-cheek horror and snarky comedy that not even its own sequel…

Wild Cards: “As a Lesbian…”, Gearbox Hiring, Nintendo NX

Our December Patreon Meet-n-Greet was a huge success, with our largest fan turnout ever! Seriously, talking to you guys for HOURS was great, and we had a hard time choosing the best bits, but there was…

Five Nights at Freddy’s World: The Ugly Side of Escapism (Wasted Effort #3)

Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy’s World! It has been a while since we last spoke about the Five Night’s at Freddy’s Franchise. Which is probably a good thing. ‘Cos from the looks of it, things…

Fit-shaming in video games bulimia.com

Fit-Shaming in Video Games: A Race to the Bottom…

Source(s): http://www.cinemablend.com/games/See-How-Female-Video-Game-Characters-Look-Average-Women-73637.html Recently Bulimia.com — a site developed to help fight the unhealthy eating disorder of its own namesake — has publicized a marketing campaign geared specifically towards young girls that depicts popular female video game…

The Legacy of Silent Hill: The Past, the Present, and the Future

The Fuboo and Katie B talk about the history of one of survival horror’s biggest titles: the Silent Hill series, and discuss why Kojima’s P.T. (or “Silent Hills”) game seemed promising.

CineMax Plays Condemned: Criminal Origins | CCS 2016 Halloween Special

Part 2 (of 4) of the 2016 Cheshire Cat Studios Halloween Special!

LaughingMan Plays Haunting Ground | CCS 2016 Halloween Special

Part 1 (of 4) of the 2016 Cheshire Cat Studios Halloween Special!

Wild Cards: YouTube Heroes, Ghost in the Shell Movie, Raymond Watts (PIG)

The latest Wild Cards compilation featuring LaughingMan, CineMax, Katie_B, and the Fuboo!

Wild Cards: Suicide Squad Sucks + CCS Hentai Game Demo Impressions

The latest CCS Wild Cards compilation featuring LaughingMan, CineMax, and the Fuboo!

Depressing Quest: The CCS Hentai Dating Sim Demo Available Now!

LaughingMan and CineMax unveil the demo for the somewhat-anticipated CCS Hentai Dating Sim as well as introduce two flash games made in collaboration with a Patreon supporter.

Free Hugz 4 All! | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #15

Katie B commissions the Fuboo to illustrate a webcomic that pokes fun at the group’s resident misanthrope CineMax. The latter obliges, only to find herself entangled in a vicious gang war between the Russian Mob and the Yakuza, a…

Batman: The Killing Joke Movie Controversy: You Can’t Please Everyone…

As LaughingMan and CineMax demonstrate over the course of this CCS After Hours Podcast: You can not please everyone. Nor should you!

Pokémon Go (Kill Yourself): The Ultimate Darwin App?

Katie and The Fuboo drag LaughingMan with them to a discussion about Nintendo’s newest app, Pokémon Go. An overnight success, Pokémon Go was downloaded over 7.5 million times, and has passed both Twitter and Tinder in…