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Recently PewDiePie has made the announcement that when his YouTube channel reaches 50M subscribers, he is going to close it down. The reasons being the latest round of complaints by YouTube creators involving 1) YouTube viewers being unsubscribed from their favorite channels without their knowledge; and 2) subscribed content being drowned out by either recommended videos, recommended videos with deep pockets, clickbait videos with large view counts, or older, more popular videos by a channel a viewers is already subscribed to.

After watching his video, here is our somewhat controversial argument. Personally, we don’t think that PewDiePie will follow through with this threat if the comment box controversy is anything to go by. However, love him or hate him, we as YouTube creators NEED PewDiePie to NOT delete his channel.

Because better or worse, he is one of the top YouTube channels that represents the YouTube creator community.


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One Comment on “Why PewDiePie Should’ve Quit YouTube For Real | CCS Video Podcast

  1. Controversial opinion? Not really since I do agree we need someone like PewDiePie to lead content creators to a better video content site to compete with Youtube’s bullshit policies. Unfortunately, people are not even interested in competing against Youtube cause they’re bitching about the whole PewDiePie trolling his fanbase despite the joke being obvious or the fact people are refusing to watch the video cause they have big egos up on their hairy assholes (I shared this video to the Refugees Of Spill.com group on Facebook but their comments are mostly “I’m not watching this video because I know PewDiePie was joking of course, so the video is stupid anyway” cause god forbid just watch the video and listen for what you guys have to say on the matter before commenting on the damn status right?!?!).

    Still, It’s a really good topic for discussion. Have you considered joining with other Youtube content makers to talk about this issue together on a Audio or Video Podcast by any chance?

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