PG-13 Deadpool Movie Petition, Upcoming Comic Book Movies

The early reviews for the Deadpool movie are in, and it’s doing well among film critics. Judging by the splash the Deadpool movie trailers made this year and a killer marketing campaign, it seems like the film will be a success, especially for an “R-rated superhero movie”. In fact, a recent reviewer from Variety suggested that Deadpool will likely set a prescient that R-rated movies become “less as kiss of death than as badge of honor.”

However, you will never please everybody, especially those parents who simply can’t tell their children ‘no’. A recent petition has surfaced featuring a mother of a young comic book fan who asks that Fox release a PG-13 cut of the Deadpool movie so that her child, a fan of the character, will be able to enjoy it. So why not simply tell her son ‘no’? Because she says she doesn’t want to be a ‘super-villain’ in her child’s eyes. So then why not simply take her kid to the R-rated version? Because, as the petition suggests, the mother doesn’t want to get accusatory glances in the theater by others.

So what are millennial to do when placed between a rock and a hard place? GO ONLINE AND PETITION FOR THE WORLD TO CHANGE FOR YOU!!


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4 Comments on “PG-13 Deadpool Movie Petition, Upcoming Comic Book Movies

  1. Can you imagine a world with PG-13 versions of ALL adult movies? Imagine 3rd graders watching a watered-down version of Pulp Fiction… “Does he look a female dog? DOES HE LOOK LIKE A FEMALE DOG?!”. Oh god, imagine the couple robbing the restaurant…

    “Any of you damn knuckleheads move, and I’ll take down every sonovabiscuit last one of you!”

    Though I am glad I’m not the only one whose realized that the Batman V Superman film has been majorly spoiled and there’s no point in seeing it now. Hell, even with the premiere being on Mexico City, where I can take a 10 minute bus to the Auditorio Nacional where it’s being shown; EVEN WITH THAT I have no interest in going to see it. Maybe I’d go to shout to Snyder not to spoil the fucking movie to anyone.

    But there’s one thing I’m still very curious about, I actually haven’t heard about the changes on the Civil War movie plot; about replacing the registration act for Bucky being arrested as the sparking event of the Civil War and I’d be very interested in reading about it. Could you guys please show or provide the article/video that states that? Because I’m in complete disbelief about this.

  2. Since this is sorta the same thing with the Superhero Bubble, I got nothing new to say but in terms with the whole “Zack Snyder” argument, I can say this:

    It’s not his fault for the way the script might turn out to be. He is only directing the film because he does give a damn about the project but it’s WB and DC pressuring Snyder for the film to be a massive success whenever the film turns out good or not. The nightmare sequence he said in the interview? He was just only supporting the idea cause he likes it and for him, it could work on the narrative since David S. Goyer (who wrote Man of Steel with Christopher Nolan, NOT Zack Snyder) was the one who came up with the sequence with Chris Terrio re-writing the sequence to fit more with the supposed story DC wanted to go with the Batman character and the spoiler facepalm that was trailer 3 was Warner Bros. fault for being desperate but sadly, everyone blamed Snyder like always cause apparently, blaming Snyder at fucking everything without doing proper research on any film he worked on has been an obnoxious trend since Sucker Punch came out back in 2011. I do get why you guys or others might not like his direction and that’s fine, people have different opinions when it comes to many directors, producers, actors or musicians having their fans or haters but blaming a guy who’s ONLY directing while having nothing to do with writing the script yet we point the finger at the director DESPITE the facts are right in front of us, that’s just comes off as being ignorant.

    *sigh* Anyway, sorry if I got carried away with the response. It’s just that with BVS coming next month, everyone is starting to jump on the “Fuck Zack Snyder” wagon and it always goes wildfire on my Facebook or Twitter feeds. Hell, I get insulted by others for liking Sucker Punch despite my efforts in explaining why.

    • Well, not to build up the fire or anything… but Zack Snyder DID release a photo with Jason Momoa where you can literally see the costumes of other heroes.

      He may not have the entire guilt of spoiling the film, but he did contribute to it…

      • Ok, i’ll give you kudos on that despite those costumes looking very unfinished (it looks more like BETA costumes before the real deal comes out) and he should have hold out a little longer after the release.

        However, I don’t blame Snyder for the spoilery trailer 3 that DC and Warner Bros released while he tried to calm the fanbase with his response (which literally backfired into his face and every goddamn article & comments I read pointed the fingers at him). While he contributed to the film, he tried his damnest to not have his movie spoiled but we all know it didn’t work out cause apparently, we can’t have goddamn patience anymore when it comes to superhero movies and it’s need to be spoiled by trailers in order to “get hyped” cause god forbid, we get surprised and enjoy a movie without getting spoiled by the trailer.

        Great, looks like my optimism just died the more I talk about BVS and no, it’s not you, Tundra but the uncontrollable maddening hype of this project that tearing me to pieces.

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