Shenmue 3 Kickstarter and Corporate Crowdfunding – Wild Cards 2

Excerpt of our June 2015 Patreon Live Chat featuring Rubén

Shenmue 3 has broken Kickstarter records and raised $6,333,296 USD with 69,320 backers. It’s an impressive feat of giving the public what they want without the corporate gatekeepers regulating creative freedom in favor for following profitable trends. Or is it? As Rubén informs us in this Patreon Live Chat clip, there’s some dubious involvement behind this public crowdfunding campaign of Shenmue 3 by Sony Entertainment. While both Sony Entertainment and Shenmue 3 director/producer Yu Suzuki insist that Sony is only contributing funds for marketing the game and that all crowdfunding would be going to Ys Net studios for development, Rubén brings up an interesting question: Why Sony was supportive enough to show Shenmue 3 at the Sony e3 2015 press conference, but not supportive enough to fund the development of the game? With the prescience set, are the financial risks being shouldered by video game publishers to the gamers, themselves? And with the dubious practices of corporations shouldering more and more financial responsibilities to consumers (DLC, Pre-Orders, Season Passes, etc) were are gamers supposed to turn to? After the Batman: Arkham Knight fiasco, perhaps Steam Refunds will not be the hero we deserved, but the one that we needed…

Wild Cards is a new mini-series by Cheshire Cat Studios consisting of a few of the best moments from our monthly Patreon-exclusive Meet-and-Greet Live Chats. We’ve had many of our supporters contribute some great, thought provoking discussion topics over the past several months, and it felt like such a waste to not let these individuals get a moment in the public spotlight. So, with their permission, we’re releasing select segments representing some of the best moments and best topic discussions as a tantalizing treat for our non-Patreon fans. Full $10+ tier fans have complete access to our growing library of full-length live chat discussions, as well as open invitations to join us in our monthly live chats where they will take turns basking in the limelight and sitting at the honored guest seat at our CCS round table in a mini-Podcast fashion. Our Patreon supporters can either join us in a discussion set forth by CCS members, they can introduce their own topic and the CCS members will participate, or we can simply bullshit and tell jokes. The spotlight is yours!


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One Comment on “Shenmue 3 Kickstarter and Corporate Crowdfunding – Wild Cards 2

  1. Can’t wait to join you guys in the future!

    Anyways, I can’t believe they are doing a new Shenmue game. I can’t play the first one on my Dreamcast past a certain point (it just crashes). Apparently, Shenmue is so awesome that the Dreamcast can handle it!

    I like the “Wild Cards” title and artwork. 🙂

    According to cartomancy:

    Spades are a symbol of truth and clarity. Associated with weapons, like swords.

    Ace of Spades (Laughingman): the infamous “Death Card” and “Unlucky 13”. Also, a badass song by Motorhead.
    King of Spades (Cinemax): A man of sound judgement, not swayed by emotion.
    Queen of Spades (The Fuboo): An intelligent and creative woman.
    10 of Spades (Katie): Challenge that inspires a new path.

    There I go rambling about symbolism lol. I guess Kenny would be the Jack of Spades?

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