SJW Paranoia and Narcissism: Dangerous Personalities

Nat and LaughingMan have been reading FBI Profiler Joe Navarro’s book “Dangerous Personalities”. However, it was the chapter on the Paranoid personalities that turned out to be both surprisingly familiar and doubly alarming…

For the past few months there have been several juicy stories that we could have tackled: Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandals, the lackluster Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, Net Neutrality, and so on. But nothing just seemed to really ‘spark’ a discourse. In the meantime, Nat and Laughingman have been reading quite a few books, and one happened to be FBI Profiler Joe Navarro’s book “Dangerous Personalities”. The book covers four dangerous personalities exhibited by some of modern history’s most notorious figures, but the chapter on Paranoid personalities sounded horrifically familiar.

In addition, more and more ex technology pioneers have been warning the public in regards to the dangerous effect that technology is having on society as a whole. Former Facebook executive, Chamath Palihapitiya, has expressed regret for building tools that ‘destroy the social fabric of how society works’. And given the divisive nature of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and even YouTube, it’s no surprise. However, LaughingMan has a loose theory that perhaps the nature of social media and the Internet is an incubator for paranoia and narcissism. In an age where everyone believes that they are reality tv stars, and publicly air far too much as short sound-bytes, perhaps we are all living in a panopticon where we, the prisoners, are always under the watchful eyes of the court of public opinions.

Coupled with the fear-mongering, click-bait media creating far more divisive and outrageous articles to pad their bottom lines, perhaps it is fostering an ‘ad populum’ online environment, prompting those to virtue signal out of fear of being judged in the court of (supposed) public opinion. SJW groups like Antifa believe that fascists and Nazis are everywhere outside of their circles, and they use violent tactics to suppress opposing speech as a means to justify their ends…

SJWs and violent groups like Antifa are just as Joe Navarro describes the Paranoid Personality: They are habitual wound collectors; they cannot be reasoned with even with hard evidence; they believe that violence and cruelty will achieve their desired outcomes; they will dehumanize opposition and start witch-hunts; anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an enemy.

And in the case of porn star August Ames, the results of these witch-hunts can be nothing short of tragic.

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3 Comments on “SJW Paranoia and Narcissism: Dangerous Personalities

  1. For some reason during this video I was thinking back to the Netflix Death Note director dismissing anyone who didn’t like his movie as trolls (as well as all of his lemming followers eating up his little charade). I bring this up again because at first he seemed kind of like a chill dude, but it seemed that as the release date of the movie neared he became more and more egotistical and narcissistic.

    • Could be a narcissistic character trait to automatically dismiss detractors as agitators, haters and trolls. It seems that people who genuinely have an unjustifiably high opinion of themselves do a lot of mental gymnastics to not let anyone shatter their self-image.

      I’m a prime example 😉
      *Self-deprecating humor doesn’t work that well in comment boxes…*

      • You should have seen how scared Wngard was into debating with his so called “haters” on Twitter. He later quitted Twitter while blaming the anime community for being toxic and saying he’s been getting death threats when writing the script for Death Note (which is completely false since there were no reports of Wingard getting threats from the Death Note community before the film was out) I went head on to call out his bullshit on Twitter and boy were his detractors the biggest dick licking shitbags you’ll ever see on any social media.

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