Star Wars: The Fanboy Awakens | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #14

Hey, everyone! Star Wars if officially back! You know, even if technically it hasn’t really gone anywhere for the last decade and a half…

With less than two weeks left until the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the CCS gang is here to bring all the delirious Star Wars fanboys back to earth. Wait until the new movie is released before giving Disney your money! According to this report from CinemaBlend, J.J Abrams and Co. have already made more than $50M on ticket pre-orders alone. I repeat: Disney has already received $50M of people’s hard-earned money for a movie that hasn’t even been released yet. Why? Just ‘cos it has “STAR WARS™” written on the poster.

Look, there’s always a chance that Episode VII will actually turn out good. Who knows? It might even be a better film than the entire original trilogy combined. Still, why not wait a day or two for the initial reviews to arrive? Why not make sure that the new movie has a positive score on Rotten Tomatoes first? I mean, how can we in good conscious lambast Hollywood for its lack of originality when it makes yet another Transformers movie if we then rush to throw money at Disney just ‘cos we get to see (an old) Harrison Ford and his pet Sasquatch fly around in the Millennium Falcon once more?

Hey, are you even reading this? Wait, where is everyone going?!

“We’re gonna camp outside the local movie theater to attend the midnight screening of Star Wars Episode VII!”

But there’s still two weeks before the film’s premiere!

“True. But the Star Wars gods demand that we sacrifice our lives to them to appease their insatiable hunger! Or you know, at least our free time and disposable income…”

*Sigh* I swear, it’s like a religion to these people…

“May the Force be with you, my brother-”


*Author’s note: Make sure to listen to this song when reading the last panel of the webcomic. You’ll understand why if you have a good taste in films:

Inverted Mind Inc DeviantArt
Original Art by Inverted Mind Inc


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11 Comments on “Star Wars: The Fanboy Awakens | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #14

  1. “The balance will be broken, war will condemn our souls and thus, we will bathe in Hell’s glory for those who dare to oppose us”.

    Yep, I made this up but it summarizes the uncontrollable hype for Star Wars 7. Hell, I already pre-ordered my 3D CXC ticket for Saturday, so I’m about to go on a suicide mission on watching it on the premiere filled with butthurt SW fanboys. I will admit, I am looking forward to Star Wars 7 cause of how well marketed it is (I still have no idea what the hell the movie is yet I’m very curious) and so far, I love that Disney is hiring very talented filmmakers to this trilogy besides Abrams like Phil Lord & Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie), Garreth Edwards (Godzilla), Colin Treverrow (Jurassic World) and so many others to make sure the new SW movies are, at least, good to watch. However, I do worry for Disney possibly stabbing Abrams in the back and be lying assholes again (It happened with Age of Ultron) and I also fear the movie might be a nightmare to talk about if I dare say anything negative to the film if I get a chance to review it. Also, I would avoid Facebook and Twitter when the controversies and spoiler war threads start hitting the fans. Also, this whole cult worshipping to Abrams is just like the one with the Star Trek reboot films when everyone lost their minds over Abrams taking over the franchise and the rest became history (Don’t want to talk about it nor I want to).

    BTW, Am I the only who’s gonna see this at the premiere?

  2. The comic speaks the one and only true truth. May it be made into a tapestry so that we may hang it upon an alter worthy of it’s divine revelations. IA! IA! CHESHIRE CAT STUDIOS! IA! IA! THE FUBOO!!!

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