Movie Ratings are Bullshit!: EXTENDED Audio Podcast

Our previous CCS Video Podcast regarding the hypocrisies, inconsistencies, and general futility of moving MPAA and BBFC movie rating systems was far too big to fit into a single CCS Video Podcast, so we asked our viewers and followers if we shouldn’t save the full conversation from the dust bin. The response was an overwhelming and encouraging “give us the full ‘Movie Ratings Are Bullshit!’ conversation!”

Movie Ratings are Bullshit! – MPAA, BBFC and the Bechdel Test

B-Mask, CineMax, Kenny and LaughingMan explore the controversies and hypocrisies of the MPAA and the BBFC, and mercilessly eviscerate the advent of the latest movie rating tool championed by pro-feminist social justice warriors: The Bechdel Test.