Shenmue 3 Kickstarter and Corporate Crowdfunding – Wild Cards 2

As Rubén informs us in this Patreon Live Chat clip, there’s some dubious involvement behind this public crowdfunding campaign of Shenmue 3 by Sony Entertainment. Are video game publishers shifting the financial risks on to the gamers?

Internet Hacks SELL OUT! – Support CheshireCatStudios on Patreon

Cheshire Cat Studios is finally selling out ! And we’re giving the reins of power to you, the people (via Patreon)! LaughingMan and CineMax pair up to bring you folks the latest bit of news:…

Deplorable Celebrity Crowdfunding… Penn Jillette Exception

Director's Cut Make Penn Bad LaughingMan Padded Room

In the latest “The Padded Room” article, LaughingMan chimes in on the subject of celebrity crowdfunding, and Penn Jillette’s crowdfunding campaign “Director’s Cut”.