(Almost) Everything Wrong With Hollywood | Remakes, Sequels, and Disney

A very timely and controversial opinion, we know… But the IP rehashing, expanded universes, and Disney’s growing pop-culture monopoly should be a growing cause for concern.

Wage-Fixing in the Animation Industry: Trouble in (Cartoon) Paradise

pixar disney lucasfilm sony animation wage fixing

Proof has been presented to a judge that Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Lucasfilm, and others regularly meet together and conspire together to fix the wages of their animators.

Leaked Deadpool Test Footage: Fox Snuffs R-Rated Deadpool Movie

deadpool leaked footage podcast

Deadpool Movie Test Footage has surfaced at the tail-end of ComicCon 2014, and 20th Century Fox has been hard at work to keep the video from going viral. However, there appears to be something far more insidious at work.

Punisher: The Dead Can’t Be Distracted – Copyright vs Fair Use

CineMax and LaughingMan ask Kenny, a law student, the hard questions about what constitutes fair use and copyright infringement, and what actions, if any, could be taken by either side in this heated battle over the future of “Punisher: The Dead Can’t Be Distracted.”

Movie Ratings are Bullshit! – MPAA, BBFC and the Bechdel Test

B-Mask, CineMax, Kenny and LaughingMan explore the controversies and hypocrisies of the MPAA and the BBFC, and mercilessly eviscerate the advent of the latest movie rating tool championed by pro-feminist social justice warriors: The Bechdel Test.

Disney’s Frozen Analysis: Musical Missteps

Being festive, it’s only natural that song and dance are in the air, and we’ve finally found a way to apply it to analysis. Join me as I plunge into the cold shallows of this rather…

Disney’s Star Wars Acquisition, Episode VII, Indiana Jones 4 & James Cameron’s Avatar

disney star wars acquisition

This episode: Join LaughingMan, Kenny Farino, CineMax and B-Mask as they share their thoughts on Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, as well as express their concerns in regard to the possible future missteps of Star Wars Episodes…

Wreck-It Ralph Review

  You know those times when you saw a trailer for a movie, and you initially had no idea what to make of it? That’s me when I was first introduced to the trailer of a…