Friday the 13th: The Game – Part 2 | Couch Co-op

LaughingMan enjoys a (brief) sneaky Solid Snake stealth play… Until Nag- err, Nat drives him to his death.

Impressions and Critiques: 2015 Nintendo E3 Digital Event

Impressions and Critiques: 2015 Nintendo E3 Digital Event

After watching 2015 E3 Nintendo Digital Event, CineMax and LaughingMan take a cynical stance on Nintendo’s latest P.R. blunders. First thing’s first: the fucking puppets.

Conflict of Interest | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #9

With all of the overly ‘energetic’ YouTube personalities playing horror games, one has to wonder if their hyperactive demeanor is a disaster waiting to happen…

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Final Fantasy XV: Game Glitch Radio

Game Glitch Radio

Kenny and The Fuboo speculate about the quality of Final Fantasy XV (15), and talk about the newest feature in Pokemon X and Y/Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: digivolving.

The Game Review Aristocracy: Who Critiques the Critics?

CineMax and LaughingMan discuss game reviewers, praise the likes of RedLetterMedia’s Previously Recorded series, chastise inconsistent video game scoring systems, rave about public reviews on Amazon and Steam, and rant on the rise (and what will be the eventual corruption) of YouTube Let’s Plays and Reviews.

Sexism in Video Games: Research, Reason and Rebellion

Part 1: Professional Victimhood and Yellow Gaming Journalism Part 2: Video Game Violence & Misogyny: A Brief History of Media Scares In our first video in our sexism in video games series, which we affectionately refer to…

Gender Equality in Gaming | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #6

true gender equality in gaming patriarchy

What is a rational woman to do when caught between the ‘casual gamer’ stereotype, and feminists who believe that they need to “tear down the boys club”?

Virtual Resurrection: Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus

While Kenny is optimistic that modern technology does indeed deem that the time is right for virtual reality, LaughingMan, a survivor of the first wave of the VR craze of the 1990s, remains skeptical in that history may indeed repeat itself. Or worse, virtual reality will be just another gimmick.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U and the Trend of Patronizing Gameplay

legend of zelda wii u patronizing gameplay

In recent years, video games have become increasingly patronizing to gamers, and it’s most evident in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise.

E3 2014 Review

As if you all haven’t heard enough nerdy ranting in the two weeks since E3 2014 closed its doors, now three more of your favorite internet nobodies are publicizing their own opinions on YouTube!