Wild Cards: “As a Lesbian…”, Gearbox Hiring, Nintendo NX

Our December Patreon Meet-n-Greet was a huge success, with our largest fan turnout ever! Seriously, talking to you guys for HOURS was great, and we had a hard time choosing the best bits, but there was…

The Game Review Aristocracy: Who Critiques the Critics?

CineMax and LaughingMan discuss game reviewers, praise the likes of RedLetterMedia’s Previously Recorded series, chastise inconsistent video game scoring systems, rave about public reviews on Amazon and Steam, and rant on the rise (and what will be the eventual corruption) of YouTube Let’s Plays and Reviews.

Sexism in Video Games: Research, Reason and Rebellion

Part 1: Professional Victimhood and Yellow Gaming Journalism Part 2: Video Game Violence & Misogyny: A Brief History of Media Scares In our first video in our sexism in video games series, which we affectionately refer to…

The More Things Change | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #8

game journalism witch hunt

They say that “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Some prefer “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”.

Female Thor (Thor Girl): Don’t Believe The Hype | Beyond Pictures

Marvel’s Thor is now female in a swift marketing move. And naturally, the news has leapt on the headline. But with Thor the Dark World through theatre’s and Guardians of the Galaxy eclipsing most Marvel news, does this…