Bronies Strike Back: CCS in New MLP:FIM Fan Documentary

bronies strike back new mlp fan documentary

It’s come to our attention that there’s a new My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan documentary fundraiser on Kickstarter, and the trailer for the documentary is taking segments from the conversation between CineMax, LaughingMan, and B-Mask entirely out of context.

The Social Network | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #1

tumblr social justice warriors

B-mask sits down to read our more endearing YouTube comments from Disney loyalists, Nintendo fanboys, Anita Sarkeesian supporters, and MLP Bronies.

Brony ‘Marries’ Twilight Sparkle: When Fanboys Go Too Far


It’s been months since we expressed our indignation over the exploits of the worst of fanboy antics, but a recent news article has resurrected our ire towards — you guessed it! — the radical elements of…