Nintendo Switch Uncertainty – The Wii U 2?

It’s been a long time coming, but on the launch day of the Nintendo Switch (in limited quantities to manufacture a shortage, apparently) LaughingMan, CineMax and Katie are expressing concern. It appears that Nintendo is once…

Pokémon Go (Kill Yourself): The Ultimate Darwin App?

Katie and The Fuboo drag LaughingMan with them to a discussion about Nintendo’s newest app, Pokémon Go. An overnight success, Pokémon Go was downloaded over 7.5 million times, and has passed both Twitter and Tinder in…

Miitomo App + Nintendo NX: Nintendo Changing Course?

It has been a while since we last set our sights at the Big N. So, CineMax and Katie decide to see what their old pals at House of Mario have been up to for the past couple of months.

Wild Cards: “As a Lesbian…”, Gearbox Hiring, Nintendo NX

Our December Patreon Meet-n-Greet was a huge success, with our largest fan turnout ever! Seriously, talking to you guys for HOURS was great, and we had a hard time choosing the best bits, but there was…

Impressions and Critiques: 2015 Nintendo E3 Digital Event

Impressions and Critiques: 2015 Nintendo E3 Digital Event

After watching 2015 E3 Nintendo Digital Event, CineMax and LaughingMan take a cynical stance on Nintendo’s latest P.R. blunders. First thing’s first: the fucking puppets.

The Best of CCS Live! (May 2015)

LaughingMan, CineMax, and Katie B. are joined by some of their loyal fans to discuss the (nonexistent) boycott of Mad Max: Fury Road by men’s rights activists, Konami’s recent decision to favor mobile games, the group’s hopes for and reservations about E3 2015, Nintendo, and more!

Nintendo Creators Program: Copyright vs Fair-Use Law

Is Nintendo simply legally enforcing their copyrights via the Nintendo Creators Program, and how will Nintendo’s stricter copyright policies effect creativity on YouTube and the Internet? Given our long history of discontent with Nintendo and Let’s Players alike, where do we stand?

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Final Fantasy XV: Game Glitch Radio

Game Glitch Radio

Kenny and The Fuboo speculate about the quality of Final Fantasy XV (15), and talk about the newest feature in Pokemon X and Y/Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: digivolving.

Silent Hills P.T. & Nintendo Wii U: Game Glitch Radio (Pilot)

Game Glitch Radio Silent Hill P.T. Nintendo Wii U

Join Kenny and the Fuboo as they bring you some of the best video game music remixes from around the net, and chat about their reactions to the goings-on in the game industry, interesting trivia, and relevant gaming news!

Poor Ports, Respectable Remakes, and Final Fantasy XIII Futanari Fiascos

With the poor PC port of FFXIII it’s like SquareEnix is trying to ram Lightning’s dick down our throats. Cue the Final Fantasy XIII futanari jokes here.