Don’t Give ‘Em Any Ideas | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #13

When an ex-fan expresses his discontent and accuses CCS of “selling out” with Patreon, LaughingMan and CineMax show him what true “e-begging” really looks like!

Questionable Pre-Order & DLC Deals: Greed as the New Norm

One would be hard pressed to find a gamer who hasn’t purchased DLC (downloadable content) at some point. What was once a service to extend the life of a game in years prior has become a…

Sexism in Video Games: Research, Reason and Rebellion

Part 1: Professional Victimhood and Yellow Gaming Journalism Part 2: Video Game Violence & Misogyny: A Brief History of Media Scares In our first video in our sexism in video games series, which we affectionately refer to…

Poor Ports, Respectable Remakes, and Final Fantasy XIII Futanari Fiascos

With the poor PC port of FFXIII it’s like SquareEnix is trying to ram Lightning’s dick down our throats. Cue the Final Fantasy XIII futanari jokes here.

The Price of (Internet) Fame | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #7

the price of internet fame youtube comic

While the CCS gang is tickled pink with its new-found popularity, they also discover that ‘Internet fame’ might not be all that it’s cranked up to be.

Guillermo del Toro and ‘At the Mountains of Madness’: A Reality? | CCS After Hours

Lovecraft material isn’t often that suited for the silver screen, but if anyone could pull it off it would be Guillermo Del Toro.

Leaked Deadpool Test Footage: Fox Snuffs R-Rated Deadpool Movie

deadpool leaked footage podcast

Deadpool Movie Test Footage has surfaced at the tail-end of ComicCon 2014, and 20th Century Fox has been hard at work to keep the video from going viral. However, there appears to be something far more insidious at work.

iTunes and Fan-Mail! – Cheshire Cat Studios Update

Cheshire Cat Studios is now officially on iTunes! Additionally we’re currently tweaking with the show’s format to make it sound more like a legitimate radio presentation. That includes reading and answering fan mail!

Virtual Resurrection: Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus

While Kenny is optimistic that modern technology does indeed deem that the time is right for virtual reality, LaughingMan, a survivor of the first wave of the VR craze of the 1990s, remains skeptical in that history may indeed repeat itself. Or worse, virtual reality will be just another gimmick.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U and the Trend of Patronizing Gameplay

legend of zelda wii u patronizing gameplay

In recent years, video games have become increasingly patronizing to gamers, and it’s most evident in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise.