Silent Hill: Revelation Commentary Track

silent hill revelation commentary

Enjoy listening to two pretentious film critic wannabes wax lyrical about a crappy video game adaptation for more than an hour!

The Legacy of Silent Hill: The Past, the Present, and the Future

The Fuboo and Katie B talk about the history of one of survival horror’s biggest titles: the Silent Hill series, and discuss why Kojima’s P.T. (or “Silent Hills”) game seemed promising.

Telltale Games Debate: Masterful Storytelling! Futile Choices?

Telltale Games stands as one of the finest classic point-and-click game and interactive story developers in recent years. But despite their claims of the story adapting to player decisions, do your choices really matter?

Silent Hills P.T. & Nintendo Wii U: Game Glitch Radio (Pilot)

Game Glitch Radio Silent Hill P.T. Nintendo Wii U

Join Kenny and the Fuboo as they bring you some of the best video game music remixes from around the net, and chat about their reactions to the goings-on in the game industry, interesting trivia, and relevant gaming news!

Horror Is Like Sex: The Decline of Horror Video Games


LaughingMan, CineMax and B-Mask are joined by their long-time loyal ally and the CCS Video Podcast’s official artist, the Fuboo (Inverted-Mind-Inc), as they analyze the current state of horror video games when compared to years past….

Silent Hill: Revelations Review

Okay, quiz time: remember the last Silent Hill movie by Christophe Gans from 2006? Even though video game movies tend to have a pretty lousy reputation of not being that great, Silent Hill was an admirable attempt to bring the…