Horror Games Are Like Sex 2: The Return of Survival Horror

Resident Evil 4 left a lasting impression on survival horror games, but Resident Evil 5 became an action-fest and the less said about Resident Evil 6 the better. With Hideo Kojima and DelToro’s infamous Silent Hills P.T., and horror games like Outlast selling millions of copies thanks to the YouTube Let’s Play community, Capcom decided to take Resident Evil VII in a bold new(?) direction. Needless to say, horror is on a bit of a rebound.

Silent Hill: Revelation Commentary Track

silent hill revelation commentary

Enjoy listening to two pretentious film critic wannabes wax lyrical about a crappy video game adaptation for more than an hour!

The Legacy of Silent Hill: The Past, the Present, and the Future

The Fuboo and Katie B talk about the history of one of survival horror’s biggest titles: the Silent Hill series, and discuss why Kojima’s P.T. (or “Silent Hills”) game seemed promising.

Telltale Games Debate: Masterful Storytelling! Futile Choices?

Telltale Games stands as one of the finest classic point-and-click game and interactive story developers in recent years. But despite their claims of the story adapting to player decisions, do your choices really matter?

Silent Hills P.T. & Nintendo Wii U: Game Glitch Radio (Pilot)

Game Glitch Radio Silent Hill P.T. Nintendo Wii U

Join Kenny and the Fuboo as they bring you some of the best video game music remixes from around the net, and chat about their reactions to the goings-on in the game industry, interesting trivia, and relevant gaming news!

Horror Is Like Sex: The Decline of Horror Video Games


LaughingMan, CineMax and B-Mask are joined by their long-time loyal ally and the CCS Video Podcast’s official artist, the Fuboo (Inverted-Mind-Inc), as they analyze the current state of horror video games when compared to years past….

Silent Hill: Revelations Review

Okay, quiz time: remember the last Silent Hill movie by Christophe Gans from 2006? Even though video game movies tend to have a pretty lousy reputation of not being that great, Silent Hill was an admirable attempt to bring the…