Comicsgate: Social Justice Hurts Comic Sales

We get the lowdown on the ComicsGate controversy and how the social justice ideology in Marvel and DC comics is having a negative impact on comic book resellers and readers alike.

SJW Paranoia and Narcissism: Dangerous Personalities

Nat and LaughingMan have been reading FBI Profiler Joe Navarro’s book “Dangerous Personalities”. However, it was the chapter on the Paranoid personalities that turned out to be both surprisingly familiar and doubly alarming…

Destiny 2 Kekistan Gauntlet a Nothingburger?

So what’s the most offensive thing you’ve ever seen in a video game? Well it’s nothing compared to the nothing burger that is the Kekistan Gauntlet in Destiny 2.

Fembusters (Ghostbusters 2016) Review: Dissecting a Trainwreck

♫ “If there’s a white straight man in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? FEMBUSTERS!” ♫ After months of endless online leaks, rumors, and speculation the highly contrversial reboot/remake/rehash of Ghostbusters is finally here. And much…