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Cheshire Cat Studios is finally selling out ! And we’re giving the reins of power to you, the people (via Patreon)! LaughingMan and CineMax pair up to bring you folks the latest bit of news:…

Leaked Deadpool Test Footage: Fox Snuffs R-Rated Deadpool Movie

deadpool leaked footage podcast

Deadpool Movie Test Footage has surfaced at the tail-end of ComicCon 2014, and 20th Century Fox has been hard at work to keep the video from going viral. However, there appears to be something far more insidious at work.

Punisher: The Dead Can’t Be Distracted – Copyright vs Fair Use

CineMax and LaughingMan ask Kenny, a law student, the hard questions about what constitutes fair use and copyright infringement, and what actions, if any, could be taken by either side in this heated battle over the future of “Punisher: The Dead Can’t Be Distracted.”

Movie Ratings are Bullshit! – MPAA, BBFC and the Bechdel Test

B-Mask, CineMax, Kenny and LaughingMan explore the controversies and hypocrisies of the MPAA and the BBFC, and mercilessly eviscerate the advent of the latest movie rating tool championed by pro-feminist social justice warriors: The Bechdel Test.

Nintendo Cuts Sales Projections as Wii U Fails: How to Fix Nintendo

Nintendo cuts sales projections from 9 million Wii U units to almost 2.8 million, resulting in a 20% drop in Nintendo’s stock, game developers questioning investing time and money into Wii U games, and a new Cheshire Cat Studios Video Podcast!

2013 Holiday Greeting Card + New Site Update

2013 Holiday Greeting Card

LaughingMan and CineMax don their gay apparel as they wish everyone a (belated) Merry Christmas and a (still relevant) Happy New Year, as well as bring everyone up to speed pertaining what the Cheshire Cat Studios…

Capcom’s Financial Trouble and Another Nintendo Alliance


While Capcom claims that fault lies in outsourcing the development of their games to other companies and poor communication with marketing, Kenny and LaughingMan believe that the problem runs deeper.

Nostalgic Game Remakes & HD Game Remasters

LaughingMan, CineMax and The Fuboo discuss the merit of nostalgic game remakes (e.g., DuckTales Remastered, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, Double Dragon Neon) and speculate whether such high-definition remasters can be considered a…

White Knight Video Game Journalism – Gamers vs Journalists

A lot of white knight video game journalists are wagging fingers at both the gamers and game developers, accusing them of misogyny, sexism, chauvinism, the patriarchy and other practices left, right and center. But how fair…

Awesome Video Games: Let’s Play Ducktales Remastered

Cheshire Cat Studios is celebrating its 5 year anniversary! After leading a lengthy uphill battle to establish their own unique style and identity, the CCS Crew has decided to try something different for a change. In…