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The Creative Process | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #10

Once upon a time, LaughingMan was struck by a bolt of fanboy idiocy and had the idea to send some fan art to the fine folks of RedLetterMedia / Previously Recorded. He asked The Fuboo for a commission piece that nearly resulted in mental ruin for our favorite artist.

This is that story…

Inverted Mind Inc DeviantArt
Original Art by Inverted Mind Inc

The Fuboo

Artists, Wife, Mother of three, aaaaaand full time dork. WARNING: Easily Angered.

2 Comments on “The Creative Process | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #10

  1. Gawd, Laughingman, ur such a RLM fanboy! jk lol

    Even though it caused The Fuboo mental anguish, I thought it was a nice tribute piece.
    Maybe we will see it in the background on Best of the Worst.

    Dat mockup. Looks like a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff comic lolz

  2. “Dear God! What is that sound? Methinks its a flock of psychotic seagulls!”

    “Nah, it’s just the sound of LaughingMan and Rich Evans cracking up.”

    “Okay. Carry on.”

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