Thor 2: The Dark World – Honeymoon in Asgard

Will ‘Snore 2’ be saved or sunk by the most tacked-on and forced romance since the Star Wars prequels?

The Cheshire Cat Studios gang share their thoughts, expectations and reservations for Marvel’s upcoming latest superhero/fantasy epic Thor: The Dark World in this in-depth, serious, and not at all facetious roundtable discussion. Featuring Natalie Portman in her controversial past movie roles.

CineMax: So! Have you fellows seen the latest trailer for Thor 2: The Dark World? Please tell me that I’m not the only one not excited for that piece of mediocrity.

Kenny: Yeah, the least anticipated movie of the year.

LaughingMan: Yeah, I’m not a big fan of snore myself, but the trailers don’t look that bad. But there’s this one brief scene hinted at in the trailers and in the pics that are floating around online, and you know what they’re going to be shoehorning for the subplot. Honeymoon in Asgard! Doesn’t it give off that impression?

CineMax: It does. It freaking does. I mean, seriously. Thor and Doctor whats-her-boobs sauntering between all of these exquisite Asgardian locations, all the while wearing all of these long robes and holding hands. I mean tell me that I’m not the only one who got instant flashbacks to all of the Naboo stuff from Star Wars Episode 2.

Kenny: Oh God, it even has Natalie Portman as the leading lady, too. Why? Why?

LaughingMan: Thor 2 The Dark Wormhole.

CineMax: But seriously, can you fellows even imagine what a Honeymoon between those two would look like?

Natalie Portman scenes from Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

Meesa Jar Jar Binks. Meesa the God of Annoyance.

Natalie Portman scenes from Your Highness

Natalie Portman scenes from Closer

CineMax: Wait, can you guys hear that?

Kenny Farino: Who’s daydreaming this time?

Natalie Portman scenes from Leon the Professional:

Like a virgin being touched for the very first time. Like a virgin.


LaughingMan: What the fuck?!

Kenny: Whose perverted imagination came up with that?

Dark Master appears, CineMax faints. Dark Master drags CineMax off screen.

Dark Master: You boys keep your traps shut or I’ll be back for you. Didn’t get the British one, but this one will do I guess.

LaughingMan: Hey you made it to the end of the video. Awesome. Either you have an attention span, or the $6 animation budget is finally starting to pay off. And for all of the newbies out there who are not only thinking “What the hell did I just watch?” but also wonder about who the creepy fellow in black is… you gotta be more specific. But to learn more about the guy in the hood and robe, check out our video “The World’s Creepiest Zelda Fan” and witness his hilarious and real-life-inspired origin story. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other great videos, subscribe, and blah blah shameless youtube whoring blah blah. But thanks for watching, and tune in every week where we alternate between the Cheshire Cat Studios Video Podcast, and our audio-only series, After Hours.


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