Donations TIPS

We suck at tax forms so we can’t really call it ‘Donating’, and we’re too proud to call it ‘Begging’, so ‘Tips’ sounds more dignified and it’s easier to fudge the numbers come April 14th.

We’re glad to see that you enjoy the content on Cheshire Cat Studios enough to even visit this page. Funding our web series and purchasing artwork is an expensive venture, especially considering that the content that we produce is funded out-of-pocket by means of personal passions, and is not as a job or a business. What we do is not only time-intensive but we rarely see a return on our personal investments.

While PayPal contributions and Patreon subscriptions are greatly appreciated, there’s another rather obvious way for you to help us out regarding the ads on the site and YouTube videos. It takes less than a second to move the mouse cursor and give a click. Best of all, it’s FREE to you and it helps us afford new art, avatars, and content to give our growing fanbase higher quality and more frequent content.

Whichever way that you may choose to help support us, everyone at Cheshire Cat thanks you!

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