‘Tis the Season To Be Jaded! | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #16

Katie B. confides in the Fuboo that despite it being “the most wonderful time of the year”, she can’t help but feel down in the dumps. The later suggests that she follow LaughingMan and CineMax’s example, who have decided to earn some extra cash by moonlighting as… You know what? Why don’t you just read the comic to find out.

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Original Art by Inverted Mind Inc

The Fuboo

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6 Comments on “‘Tis the Season To Be Jaded! | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #16

  1. I used to really love Christmas as a little kid, but now as a grown-up I’ve become ambivalent and jaded. I’m seeing far too many contradictions and madness around this time of the year. But all in all this comic made my day. Thanks!

    Oh and by the way here’s a little short story by China Miéville about how Christmas and the holidays in the future will be privatised by corporations.


    • I think the main problem is just how much the Christmas season has gotten worse (I’m only speaking for the last decade due to age, but hear me out).
      As a little kid, I adored the season. I adored finding the presents under the tree, buying something for my parents that I knew they’d love, and waiting for morning on Christmas Eve. But as a teenager, I get sick as hell by the fact that hey, CHRISTMAS NOW COMES BEFORE HALLOWEEN (one of my favorite holidays). Or that stores open on THANKSGIVING DAY, 6 P.M. (really? can’t wait for 4 a.m. Black Friday?). I’m tired as hell of Christmas carols that start in September, and the stores putting Christmas stuff up in September/October. And it really doesn’t help that saying “Merry Christmas” is apparently now taboo, I’m fine respecting people’s religions but the P.C. culture really has it out for Christmas (here’s a great example: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/06/crucified-santa-skeleton-_n_1131268.html). So yeah, Christmas feels a lot less fun every year.

      • That sucks. I really hate how our society just butchered the holidays by over-marketing the holiday to a fucking tee. In August, Sam’s Club always put their Christmas & Halloween decorations despite being only 2-4 months away from the holidays.

  2. Cinemax smoking a candy cane cigarette & LaughingMan as a Mall Santa with a barbed wire candy cane with lights… This sure feels like Christmas all right.

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