WildCards: GoT Season 6 + Women Can’t Be Superheroes (According to Marvel)

Part 1: http://cheshirecatstudios.com/wildcards-gay-captain-america-marvels-civil-war-and-pretentious-indie-games/

As promised, here’s Part 2 of the highlights from last month’s CCS Patreon Livestream.

The conversation continues as Natalie joins us to discuss the current season of Game of Thrones, as well as to further lambast Daenerys Targaryen for being an incompetent ruler. Next up is Kennedy who introduces us to the “Kim Possible Paradox” — a hypothesis he’d come up with that states that the more “strong and independent” a female character is portrayed as the less interesting she is due to the lack of any flaws.

Moving away from the subject of flawless female characters, we welcome DukeCT to the livestream, who points out the obvious incongruity of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite Marvel’s claims that all of the movies, the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D TV show, as well as the Netflix series are meant to occupy the same fiction universe — a lot of times it doesn’t feel that way. Speaking of superheroes, though: Duke also introduces us to a page from a recent Mockingbird comic (written by Chelsea Cain) that throws numerous iconic female Marvel characters under the bus in favor of perpetuating the victimhood narrative. First FemThor, then Angela: Queen of Hel, and now this. And people wonder why comic sales are struggling these days…

Sources: Marvel peddling “superhero gender gap” bullshit in Mockingbird #3 (2016):



Female Thor blatant feminist propaganda:


Angela: Queen of Hel takes a jab at MRA’s; comic now cancelled:



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